Yuri Manga: Binetsu no You Na (微熱のような) Ends in Feel Young

June 5th, 2014

ScanA couple of months ago, I noted that Yamaji Ebine has begun a new series in Feel Young magazine. Binetsu no You Na went three longish chapters and has now wrapped up.

In my original review I said, “So far this story is, as many of Yamaji’s recent stories have been, uncomfortable.” And so it remained, right to the very last panel. I suggest you read the first review before you decide if you want to read the rest of this one. ^_^;

Even after Nao is told flat out by Mifuyu how she manipulated Nao, Nao comes crawling back to the other woman. The final scene, in which Nao succumbs to her attraction to Mifuyu, is no more appealing or empowering than earlier scenes, in which she is manipulated into sleeping with her teacher or Yoshiaki. And, in the end, instead of owning her weakness, Nao still blames her absent first love, Taki, rather than admitting that she’s just weak.

Again, quoting from my previous review, I say, “The last few Yamaji works have felt more like her working something out than actual stories. This one feels more like a story, but imbued with a struggle I’m not able to understand.”


Art – Her usual sparse style 9
Story – 6 Tight, but uncomfortable
Characters – 6 Ultimately, the only one I could feel anything about was Yoshiaki
Yuri – 8, but ugh
Service – 4

Overall – 6

I spend the entirety of this story thinking “What on earth happened to Yamaji-sensei that all we’re getting from her these days are stories about rape and manipulation?” I hope to heavens it’s just editors wanting her work to be more “gritty.”

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  1. Grisznak says:

    I really wanted to read it, but now, after reading your opinion, I’m not so sure. Sounds like short version of soap opera cliches.

  2. Well, most manga that isn’t openly fantasy are pretty much just soap opera. ^_^

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