Yuri Manga: Inferno Girl (インフェルノガール)

June 11th, 2014

Kurokiri Misao’s Inferno Girl (インフェルノガール) is a collection of her Comic Yuri Hime shorts. It has no defining theme or factors, but has a few notable selections.

The first story, “Gateau Foret Noire” is a fanciful little story about love and desserts, in which a younger twin has to twist the arm of her older sister to get her to return another girl’s heartfelt feelings. I want you to understand that it took me longer to find the correct spelling of「 ガトー・ド・フェルノワール」 than it will to write the rest of this review. ^_^; I liked the sister forcing her twin to own her own feelings, although the rest of the story was a bit thin.

“G.G.P” was, erm..an awkward story about condoms, why sex education should probably not be left to classmates and another couple who is reluctant to admit what they feel. I was pretty much okay with it, until the final page, when I just felt that the condom imagery was taken one step too far into, “get the fuck out of this book.” ^_^

“Ningyo Plastic” almost felt like it was going to have strong impact, as it touches briefly on being outcast and outsider in school, but it never really gelled for me.

Two idols meet up professionally, but their relationship blossoms privately in “Prism Emotional.” This was probably the most solid story of the collection. Certainly the most entertaining.

The final story honestly made me cringe when I read it in Comic Yuri Hime.”Lobotomy to Kowareta  Kajitsu” is a ham-handed look at a rape survivor and the friend who means well, but would probably not really be very helpful.

The final story is an epilogue to “Gateau Foret Noire”.

As I type this, I suddenly realize that almost every story in this collection meant well, and tried to touch on a real, important topic; Abandonment, Rape, Being Ostracized, but the moe art, the short page count and a clear lack of conviction meant that they fell short of the intent.


Art – 7 Well executed, typical current style, but not to my taste
Stories – 7, which is to say they were really 6, plus 1 for trying
Characters – 5 Probably with some time, a few of them would have been great
Yuri – 8
Service – 4 Some partial undressing, rape implied not shown

Overall – 6

I wish one of the stronger stories had been better, or the one good story had been stronger. Instead, in the middle of all Kurokiri-sensei’s hard work, the dumb story about the idols is the best. orz

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  1. Off-Course Balloon says:

    A rape subject chapter?! With that moe art?! Somehow, something in me is going to painfully cringe when I read this through.

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