Sailor Moon Original Anime Preorder on TRSI

July 5th, 2014

782009243625RightStuf has pre-orders up for the original Sailor Moon anime. The prices are very decent.

The DVD set is just over $30. This comes with no physical extras, and video extras are Convention Featurettes (Short Version).

The Combo BD/DVD set is $57 and will come with a coin of Sailor Moon’s first henshin brooch, and her transformation phrase an 88-page, full-color premium booklet, all housed in a shimmering chipboard artbox. Special Features: Dub Recording Behind the Scenes, Art Galleries, Convention Featurettes (Extended Version).

While I think the coin is a bit meaningless (no coins in the series, so why a coin? Marketing folks at TRSI, we fans like to get stuff that’s related to the series if possible,) it still seems a good deal for a BD set and artbox.

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8 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    $30 for the 1st 23 episodes? Wow, that’s a nice deal! I do agree that the coin is really random (How about a mini crescent wand?)

  2. Shannon says:

    Or the transformation broach itself.

    But yeah, the price is sweet.

  3. Yes! Ever since Funimation’s announcement of Cowboy Bebop on BluRay a year and three months ago, I was afraid Sailor Moon would also be stuck in the same “no date yet” limbo.

    And of course I followed your link and referenced you as the source. I still remember ordering ADV’s set from Right Stuf in 2003 when I was in Savannah.

    As for the coin? I have an RPF coin that looks like the same thing so it will keep it company.

  4. Jst says:

    This weekend just continues to confuse me. First I was mostly excited about this re-release, then I see Crystal today and it was amazingly faithful to the comics. And now the re-release Blu-ray MSRP seems downright reasonable and we have a release date (if a little late in the year for my tastes). An embarrassment of riches on the SM front.

    Maybe that’s what the coin represents? Very deep TRSI.
    (Maybe ‘confuse’ is the wrong word, perhaps just in odd humor.)

    • BruceMcF says:

      Confuse is fine. After so many years when Sailor Moon fans were used to “no news yet, maybe not ever”, an abundance of good news can be confusing.

      Perhaps, “… continues to confuse me, though in a good way.”

  5. BruceMcF says:

    Was the coin perhaps, “What do you have in sufficient quantity?” “Well, we’re having a hard time keeping a lot of this stuff in stock, but we do have this coin with some Sailor Moon stuff on it … for some reason we’ve got plenty of those.”

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