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August 25th, 2014

okazu-idYou love the uniqueness of the Yuri Network News report, you enjoy the comprehensive reviews of Yuri manga, anime and related media. You know that Okazu is your best source of interviews with Yuri manga artists. You love being part of the Yuri Network – now here’s your chance to show your support and subscribe to this unique community.

Okazu has been the Internet’s oldest and most comprehensive source for news, reviews, interviews and articles about lesbian-themed animation and comics since 2002. Help Okazu continue the good work for the next decade and become a subscriber through our Patreon campaign!

Become an Okazu Hero or Okazu Superhero and nab one of our coveted Okazu badges, or be one of the first to get one of our new badges for levels yet unattained. We’ve got a number of goals on tap for Okazu in the next year and we can really use your help to meet them. Our first goal is to make and keep Okazu ad-free for now and ever more.

We’re really hoping to be able to pay Guest Reviewers and keep Okazu’s  selection of Yuri Anime, Manga and related media updated for a more comprehensive all-Yuri online shop.

You,my dear readers, YNN correspondents and Guest Reviewers are the team that makes Okazu thrive. Thanks for all your support through the last 12 years and here’s to the next 12!

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  1. Rob says:

    Done! Unfortunately,5 dollars per month only. The crisis is still biting hard here. :/

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