Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 27, 2014

September 27th, 2014

YNN_MariKToday’s a news dump kind of day. ^_^

Have one of the old-fangled iPhone 5s and want to hide your despair at existence? Try these nifty Mucha-esque Sailor Moon covers and enjoy the schadenfreude of knowing your phone isn’t bending. Also note the delightful use of the word “sundries” in the URL. That just about made my morning. No, wait, these earphone plug Henshin wand charms did. Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Sailors Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, thank you *very* much!

I told you about – NSM48 (Nagoya Sexual Minority 48) back in 2012. They a girl group out of Nagoya, with inclusive lyrics and members. Well, they’ve renamed themselves NSM= (Nagoya Sexual Minority Equal) and have been recording their first album. Here’s a sample, the song Happiness, on Soundcloud. Enjoy! I love that they have morphed from being a parody to a real group. ^_^

This past week, I reviewed Obentou to Kase-san, the second volume by Takashima Hiromi. Well, I was poking around her blog, Takashimaya, and found that she has released some Yamada and Kase-san doujinshi digitally through DLsite. This is not a free site, but the cost is like a buck per doujinshi, and there are PC, Android and iOS options. Seriously, I’m going to be getting “Natsu to Kase-san” and “Chocolate to Kase-san”. If I could purchase all doujinshi digitally from the authors directly, I might die of happiness. No more cartons of books, just tons of great content.

Another option for getting doujinshi is Comic Zin. (Here’s Momono Moto’s page, for instance.) There does not appear to be overseas shipping, but if you have a buying service or a friend in Japan willing to ship them to you, it’s an option.

OMG! OMG! Molly Ostertag and Brendan Lee Mulligan’s Strong Female Protagonist is being collected into a volume published by Top Shelf, as the result of an incredibly successful kickstarter by the creators. Definitely going on my must-get list.

Kat Callahan listed her thoughts on the 7 Best Lesbian Anime Ever Made over at Jezebel. What do you think of her list? Let her know you thought in the article comments!

Molly Brooks has created what we’ve all been waiting for – a post-apocalytpic lesbian comic. Sweet. Check out Post on her website.


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Over on The Mary Sue, Dee Hogan has summed up all the current legal options for watching anime and digital and print options for reading manga. She lets you know if there are free and/or paid versions,  but doesn’t get in to regional restrictions. Good stuff, worth bookmarking.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve been seeing some of these Sailor Moon items in the stores here in Japan. I have the Sailor Neptune button for my iPhone! http://sailormoon-official.com/goods/sundries/alumi_button_seal.php

  2. altimh says:

    There’s a webseries based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla and although no one has officially paired up yet, it’s pretty (for lack of a better word) GAY. They’ve released 17 episodes so far and it’s been enthralling. They’ve even used Tumblr and Twitter as additional mediums to making the show more interactive.
    (or through Vervegirl TV on youtube)

  3. Thanks for the heads up!

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