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October 1st, 2014

PatreonAt the end of August, I initiated the first ever Patreon campaign for Okazu to get content sponsors.  You, my dear readers, responded with typical generosity and enthusiasm.

The difference between Patreon and other crowdfunding platforms is that your money is funding the existence of Okazu, rather than one small fixed-point project. In effect, you are subscribing to the web magazine “Okazu,” that gives you feature articles, event reports, reviews of Yuri anime and Yuri manga and even interviews with top-name Yuri manga artists. For your contribution, you get 20-30 (depending on the time I have) articles a month, for as little as a few cents per article.

So, our first month of this new, rather exciting process, arrived and I wanted you to see what you have wrought. This arrived yesterday:


Two boxes from Amazon Japan, purchased by…you. It is entirely due to you that for the next several months I will be reading these manga, thinking about them, reviewing them and writing them up for your reading pleasure.



This month is exceptionally exciting as I am taking you with me, figuratively (and in a few cases, literally!) to Girls Love Festival in Yokohama, Japan, where you will be contributing directly to the economic well-being of  some amazing Yuri manga artists.

If you are not subscribing to Okazu, no worries! Feel free to read and comment and participate here as you always have. There is no tiered access, no members-only spaces. But for those of you who have contributed a few bucks a month, you have my sincere gratitude. For those of you who committed at our higher levels, the Okazu no Mikos, I especially thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Note to Bruce: Anytime you want to eat at Casa, let me know. I owe you ^_^)

Now, back to the readin’ and writin’ – made possible by you.

Want to know more about supporting Okazu on Patreon? Check out the Okazu Campaign!

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