Tokyo Journal 2014 – Lecturing and Manga

October 24th, 2014

talkingDid I mention that this trip to Tokyo was a whirlwind? It really was.

On the plane over to Japan from Seattle, I was working on a lecture to be presented at International Christian University in Mitaka. Many, many thanks to Professor Beverly Curran and her Persuasion and Language class for inviting me and being so receptive to my ideas.

I’ve uploaded the full-text of the lecture to The Yuricon Essays page: Persuasion and Opinion in Pop Culture Fandom – Are We the Cart or the Horse?

So, this was very interesting, thinking about blogging as a form of persuasive rhetoric and narrative storytelling, as well as “just” opinion.  I’m planning on getting video of the lecture up in the near future as well, but to be fair I just uploaded the video of my 2013 lecture at Kanagawa University, Weaving Our Stories Through Anime and Manga. ^_^

After a lovely time at ICU (where, as I mentioned in my Geek Girl Con report, I lost that Uranus ring I had just bought, boohoo…) the very next day, I had a sit down with Robert Newman of Crunchyroll Manga and was ableeto visit the CR Manga headquarters in Harajuku. We had a fantastic conversation, most of which was OTR, but I’ll tell you this – he said to expect some really great things coming up, and interesting changes in the digital manga landscape in future days. And I’ll broadly hint that there’s a chance you’ll see some series that will be of great interest to us coming your way.  Thanks to Robert, Saida-san, and Michelle for their hospitality and enthusiasm. I look forward to your future efforts. ^_^

There’s still more 2014 Tokyo adventures to come!

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  1. Michael says:

    ICU in Mitaka? Nice! I frequently work at the Institute of Astronomy, less than one kilometer to the south (keep going away from the train station, cross the big intersection at Oosawa, downhill a bit, look for the forested region on the right).

    The ICU has wonderful cherry trees on their campus. You ought to visit again in April. Maybe you can finagle another invitation….

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