LGBTQ Novel: Atashi no Kanojo (あたしの彼女)

January 22nd, 2015

anknWe’re very familiar with Mori Natsuko-sensei’s work here on Okazu.So, it comes as no surprise really that her newest Atashi no Kanojo (あたしの彼女) is another romp through various forms of adult play and BDSM.

Notably, this novel comes with a cover drawn by Morishima Akiko-sensei which, as far as it goes, actually is pretty good illustration of the content. There are no other illustrations in the book, as it is not a light novel.

Sae is a college student, in love with her classmate Hanano. Hanano returns the feeling, but in a private conversation, explains she is not interested in sex, only masturbation. If Sae wants to be her “lover”, she’ll use Sae’s sexual exploits as masturbatory fodder. (The word in Japanese for this, btw, is “Okazu”. That was one of the meanings I had in mind when I chose the name for this blog. Okazu is more commonly use to describe little dishes of various food items, as well, which fit into the idea that the blog covers this and that. And, finally, it’s a nickname for lesbian sex, as it’s not “the main course”, but a “side dish.”)

Sae agrees to Hanano’s term and find herself torturing a nice, attractive male classmate, Eiji, for Hanano’s pleasure. Hanano also sets up a session with a butch lesbian Midori. Sae becomes increasingly unsatisfied with her “relationship” with Hanano, as she never gets to so much as touch the other woman. When she meets up with Midori on what she thinks is her own, she finds that Hanano is already there and is watching them.

One last time, Sae is the top to pretty (and rather sweet) Eiji, but Sae’s thoughts stray towards Midori. She’s attempting to break away from Hanano, but finds that her “lover” is two steps ahead of her. Midori straps Sae down, then calls both Hanano and Eiji to join them, As Midori directs Eiji to have sex with Sae, Sae suddenly realizes that all along, Hanano was the sadist and she, like Eiji, has always been a masochist.

Like Sae, I grew a little tired of the “relationship” about halfway through the book. It was an easy read and I suppose it was sexy, if that’s what one is into, but there was never any kind of emotional development for any of the characters that convinced me to like them. This was very much a case where I would have liked to see Sae be plucked out of this book and find someone nice in another story. ^_^


Overall – 6

It was okay. All of Mori’s typical fetishes, without any of her fabulous outrageous humor or geeky wonderfulness. In the end I decided that the one thing I never, ever want in my porn is an ironic ending. ^_^;

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  1. Jye Nicolson says:

    I bough this when you first linked it (Morishima Akiko art is good enough for a purchase, even if it’s just the cover!) but I hadn’t got around to reading it.

    I think I can safely push it down the priority order now :)

  2. Mara says:

    I really need to get this and Super Otome Taisen to complete my collection. Although it looks like this will need to be in my ‘torture pretty guys’ section then my ‘Yuri smut’ section.

    Speaking of Mori Natsuko Erica, when you read HimeYuri-tachi no Houkago did you keep any notes about it beyond your review? And if you did, would it be possible for someone who can prove that they have a copy of the original book to acquire a copy them to to help with reading it?

    • Sorry, I don’t take notes on the books, beyond my reviews. If I did, you could be sure I’d be glad to share. Sorry.

      • Mara says:

        No problem. Although I have just thought of another thing and it will be a while before I can confirm it. Wasn’t there a character called Midori in Mori Natsuko’s short story for Sparkling Rain that was originally in HimeYuri-tachi no Houkago? Or am I remembering the name wrong?

        • I have absolutely no idea. It’s a pretty common name and may well be a leitmotif for her.

          • Mara says:

            Got home and looked it up turns out I was 100% wrong the characters name was Kira Miyako. I was hoping that this was some kind of cameo of the character now older as they sounded similar -ish from the review. Also this might hint that Rei managed to escape.

          • I don’t get the feeling that Mori-sensei ever really considers establishing continuity between novels.

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