Yuri Manga: Hakugin Gymnasium, Volume 2 (白銀ギムナジウム 下)

February 10th, 2015

HgGn2When we left off at the end of the first volume of Hiruno Tsukiko’s  Hakugin Gymnasium (白銀ギムナジウム 下), Eimi and Fiona are both gone, and Toutou and Eris acknowledged their feelings for one another.

Volume 2  begins with Chloe and Athena who, separately, come to realize that they mean a lot to one another. In the course of this arc, we also learn that the Gynasium – which has been home to so many girls – is going to be closed.

Toutou and Eris, who are now the age Fiona and Eimi were when they left, find Fiona. Living alone, outside town, making a living as a piano teacher, Fiona is fine…she says. But we can see that while she is “fine” she’s not happy.

Toutou and Eris reveal that the Gymnasium is going to close and ask Fiona to participate in the closing ceremony. She agrees. Secrets come to light that night that heal some old wounds and open others.

The day of the closing ceremony comes and Eimi also comes to say goodbye to her true home. And, finally, Fiona and Eimi have it out, laying bare their feelings and what went wrong.

The Gymnasium closes,  but as we follow Fiona returning to her home from town, and finding Eimi there waiting for her, we have to hope the the other stories have as happy an end, and that Miss Maria was completely, totally wrong.

Like the first volume, the art is old-school (an old-school story about an old school) and the ending is, as well. As much remains opaque as is settled. Will Toutou and Eris be able to be together as Fiona and Eimi are? Has Eimi renounced her family in order to remain with Fiona? How about Chloe and Athena…are they a first love that is untenable, or do they go somewhere together? And what about all the children who were at the Gymnasium because their families didn’t want them?


Art – 9
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 8
Service – 1

Overall – 8

Questions remain unanswered, but hey, at least Fiona and Eimi are together.


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