Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – February 28, 2015

February 28th, 2015


Event News

Girls Love Fest 13 is coming up in mere hours in the Tokyo Metropolitan area once again! The participating circle list is getting pretty damn big.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this yet. Hat tip to YNN Correspondent EJ Daniels, and with a full report by Komatsu-san on Crunchyroll News, a Maria-sama ga Miteru “Graduation” Event will commence on March 29 in Tokyo.


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Yuricon and Okazu News

I’m planning on a new livestream Yuri panel/ Q&A this spring, so if you have any questions about life, the universe or Yuri you want answered, check out this post: It’s Utter Nonsense 2015 and send in your questions in a comment.

We haven’t had any Yuricon Store updates in a while, because we had a few technical setbacks. These have been resolved with only minor inconvenience because our amazing webmaster Lissa Pattillo is a genius. Consider this a recommendation – if you are looking for a webmaster who knows her technical stuff, has her *own* creativity and understands yours, and can follow through with creative-focused builds, I recommend her wholeheartedly.

The upshot is, we’re still on track for a March soft launch of the new Store, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement here in upcoming weeks.


Other News

A Queer, Southern, Woman of Color anthology is looking for contributors. Queer Young Cowboys publication is looking for an editor. These and many other Queer lit opportunities are listed on the Lambda Literary site.  No excuses – get out there and create!

Comic Natalie has reported additional info on Manpuku Yuri (満腹百合), the manga about food and playing house, starring a happy lesbian couple. There is now a short promotional video. It’s very squee. ^_^

Kathryn Hemmann at Contemporary Japanese Literature takes a look at Yoshiya Nobuko’s Yellow Rose and finds it good. In case you want a perspective other (and more academically minded) than mine. She also finds Frederick’s point about lesbian identity to be key – and brings up a point that I had not considered and which is extremely significant. It’s a good review, go read it!

Comic Natalie gleefully reports that Volume 4 of “Violence Yuri” manga Murcielago (ムルシエラゴ) comes with an “Evil Breasts” poster.  Click this link for SFW image if you have a relaxed workplace and aren’t afraid of getting a reputation as (or as more of ) a weirdo. The words say “These breasts are evil breasts.”

If you can read Japanese, you might want to toddle over to this look at magical girl series:  Children of Sailor Moon: The Evolution of Japanese “Magical Girl Anime (セーラームーンの子どもたち—日本発「魔法少女」アニメの進化).

OMG, I have to share this!!!! ROD‘s Yomiko Readman makes a visit to the Himawari Bookshop from the series Himawari-san Volume 5, via Comic Zin. This illustration would be worth going out of my way for. ^_^


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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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6 Responses

  1. Jackie S says:

    Oh man, another GLFes going on right now??? It’s probably just as well I didn’t know about it beforehand; I would have been seriously tempted to go, but I don’t really have the time or the money to go to Tokyo right now… But Junk Lab is there… (ToT)

  2. dm00 says:

    My copy of Himawari-san v5 arrived today. Hideyuki Kurata is quoted on the obi: “Himawari-san, it wouldn’t be inconvenient were our Yomiko to drop by for a visit, would it?”

    I think perhaps it is a drama CD (though I don’t see a voice credit for Yomiko Readman listed).

    Or perhaps I just didn’t get the limited edition volume with the Yomiko illustration.

    No matter, I would have bought the volume, anyway.

    • I believe the illustration was only available when it was purchased at Comic Zin. That sort of exclusive is very common in JP bookstores. You get an illustration insert when you buy it at this bookstore or that one. Since Comic Zin posted this on their twitter, I’d presume it was an exclusive for them.

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