Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – March 7, 2015

March 7th, 2015


Yuri Anime

From Senior YNN Correspondent Eric P., Funimation is releasing the first “Girls with guns on the run” anime series by Bee Train Noir Complete Series on Blu-Ray. If you’ve never seen this, you really should. The music, the voice actors (and the story, in a nutty way) are all fantastic.


Yuri Manga

From YNN Correspondent Tomo K. we have some fun news about another series by the creator of MurciealgoOurTube is a gag 4-koma that features four high school girls. Itsuki is the heroine with superhuman abilities who’s always copying stunts she sees on Youtube.

Itsuki and Madoka are obviously a couple, but Madoka is also after Setsuka, Itsuki’s cousin. Setsuka likes Itsuki and is thus jealous of Madoka. The fourth character is Rui, another lethal weapon of sorts who helps out Setsuka whenever Setsuka gives her a Tirol chocolate.

The basic plot is that Itsuki and Madoka go berserk to do something, and then end up being stopped and punished by Setsuka and Rui. The series is complete, but volume 2 was never published.”

Volume 1 is also only available on Amazon JP from 3rd party sellers, but this definitely sounds like the kind of thing I’ll trawl through Book-Off for.

The creators of the new Jem and the Holograms comic for IDW Publishing (which debuts this month) have gone on record that in this version, Kimber and Storm are a couple.

For those of you enjoying the adult content of Mebae, Volume 4 (メバエ) is  hitting shelves in April.

I have no idea if these are going to have any Yuri, but a further Madoka tie-in serie, 魔法少女たると☆マギカ The Legend of “Jeanne d’ Arc” is too interestingly titled for me to resist. If you also are interested, you can find Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon JP. The cover on Volume 2 is wonderful. YNN Correspondent David M. weighs in with this news: “The Puella Magi Jeanne D’Arc series will be published in the US by Yen Press, with the first volume coming out 21 April. Amazon.com even has a description (an intriguing idea, if done well, and one hinted at the end of the series).”

YNN Correspondent David M wants to remind us that Torikaebaya, Volume 6 (とりかえ・ばや) is out.  My copy sits there, taunting me, while I avoid meeting it’s eyes. I think I’m scared of it.


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Other News

Senior Correspondent Erin S wants you to know about an interesting new anthology about early internet fandom experiences, I Was a Teenage Gargoyle.

Jamie Lynn Lano, who lived the dream, moved to Japan and became an assistant to the creator of the Prince of Tennis manga is now distributing her book, Princess of Tennis in print and ebook format through Chromatic Press’s Sparkler Monthly site.

I have absolutely NO idea what this is like, but it caught my eye (as you’ll understand in a second.) A very few Japanese novels are being released in Japanese through Amazon.com’s Kindle platform. Looking through some lesbian themed novels, I found Anna and Erica Best Friend Syndrome (Japanese Romance Fiction Japanese edition.) It’s 99 cents. I should probably just get it.

On Saturday, March 7th, Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA will be holding a Legend of Korra art show, including this adorable Korra x Asami piece by Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko.

A K-Drama has created controversy with a lesbian kiss. You can watch Seonam Girls High School Investigators on Viki.com.

YNN Correspondent Ichigo_69 points toward this NPO in Japan – Good Aging Yells (GAY) for the Out in Japan project, but I found this Lush-sponsored event We Believe in Love, just as interesting. Clearly this NPO can bring in the sponsors, and money, as we all know, speaks loudly.

Let’s end on a positive note – The Ministry of Education in Japan has just announced that they will require all schools in Japan to support LGBTQ kids. A major step forward.


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  1. dm says:

    The Puella Magi Jeanne D’Arc series will be published in the US by Yen Press, with the first volume coming out 21 April. Amazon.com even has a description (an intriguing idea, if done well, and one hinted at the end of the series).

  2. Jst says:

    Was the news this morning about YuruYuri Season 3 the first time we heard about another season beyond the OVA?


  3. Jst says:

    Understandable, but the part that surprised me was that it somehow hadn’t been announced yet.

    In some ways it’s crazy YuruYuri is as popular as it is in Japan, in others… I bet there’s an interesting article in that, ‘My complicated relationship with Modern Yuri’.

    Either way, thanks as ever for keeping us in the know, Erica!

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