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March 8th, 2015

Well, here we are.

The Yuricon Store is informally open. ^_^

This is a soft launch, so there’s still a lot to do. But the English Manga, Digital Manga, English Anime and Yuri Literature sections are up-to-date (for the moment.) The Japanese Manga section has a lot of titles, but is still in development and Light Novels and Drama CDs are as filled as they are getting for a bit. We’ll revisit them in Q2. Also planned for Q3 is a Yuri Goods section.

A couple of important notes about the Store:

1) First, read this page 

This page contains explanations of the sections, the vendor choices and other basic questions. I did my best to address the most obvious questions you might have. This includes things like how to search for titles and what you are seeing on a page. You can use the Tags to search for similar items. And there is a search feature – you can limit the search to items on the Store only, or the whole site. Search only works for Titles in the Store right now.  You can Search for Titles, authors, publishers and imprints – in English and Japanese. We’re working on formatting results even more helpfully now.. Remember, Work in Progress. ^_^

2) We welcome feedback.

If you don’t see something you’d hoped to find, write us via our feedback form.

Correction: We welcome feedback as long as it does not begin “Why don’t you have X item?” ^_^; Answer: Work in Progress.

If items are not available through the retailers we’re using, or out of print, or non-existent,they may just not be on the Shop. Sorry, but there is no available Ikkitousen:DD Complete Set, even though there is a complete set for Ikkitousen, Ikkitousen:GG and Ikkitousen:XX. Maddening, I know. But I can’t fix licensing. All we can do is give you the most comprehensive listings for Yuri possible.

3) The Store is a Work in Progress.

If you see an inconsistency, a mistake, a typo, anything that needs correction, by all means send us feedback! But do be polite about it, thanks! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Just consider yourself a delta tester and feel free to let us know where we can improve. Thanks!

Thank you to all the Heroes and Superheros and Patrons and Sponsors and our webmaster Lissa for helping us get this far.  Already, the Yuricon Store is the most comprehensive set of online listings for Yuri anime and manga. And with your continued support, it’ll just keep getting better.


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