Rokujo Hitoma no Nekogami-sama Manga (ろくじょ~ひとまの ねこがみさま)

April 2nd, 2015

nekogamiMinamoto Hisanari-sensei is coming off of several very decent manga series for Comic Yuri Hime. Following his stellar series Fu~Fu, he’s had a few fun short series collections. So despite my disinterest in all things cat-related, (it’s really more like distaste, no, more like full-on loathing of all things cat) I picked up his newest collection from Yuri Hime Comics, Rokujo Hitoma no Nekogami-sama (ろくじょ~ひとまの ねこがみさま). And, even setting aside the cat thing, it had a major problem. In this review, even as short as it is, I have already given you a clue to what that problem is. Can you guess?

Mino-san moved into a room with a small shrine on one wall. Unbeknownst to her, there is a cat spirit (who calls herself a ‘god’) living in the shrine. Chaos and comedy and cat jokes and wackiness ensues.

In the final few chapters, we meet Kanade, who really, really, really, REALLY likes food. So she joins the Tabearubu – the school food club whose reviews are the talk of the town, only to learn that they train hard, so they can eat hard.

You can see the problem I had with the manga, yes? At several points I picked it up to check it really was a Yuri Hime Comic because, try as I might, I could see no Yuri of any kind. In the first story, one might, if one wants to make a story out of whole cloth, pretend that Mino’s friend Fudou has a thing for her, but we can do that only because Fudou never actually says a word, so we can make up anything we want about her.

Kanade’s story is shockingly mixed company – actual boys with names exist and are good people. The story itself was really very cute, especially the second chapter, but again, if you’re finding Yuri there, you have made it up. Which is perfectly fine, mind you, but why is this a Yuri Hime Comic? Why not print it under the Rex Comics imprint, which it seems far more suited for? Very odd.


Art – 6 Hisanari (and Fujieda’s) brand of moe hyper cute.
Story – Nekogami was a 5, Shuuran Gakuen Tabearbu was a 7
Characters – 6
Yuri – 0
Service – 1

Overall – 6 Not bad or anything, but why Yuri Hime?

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