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April 11th, 2015

YNN_MariKEvent News

I’m at MoCCA Fest today, enjoying the buzz from being around so many people with enthusiasm and creativity and a genuine desire to expand the art and craft of comics in every way possible. The guest slate include a lot of female comic artists – and the folks tabling will represent just how diverse and fascinating New York City is. This even has become a real must-go event for me. I’ll hope to see you there!

Next week I will be at Kean University’s Tower Con, doing a panel/presentation.

In May, I will be moderating at Queers & Comics, the academic LGBTQ Comics event in NYC. I am incredibly excited for this one!

Toronto Comics Arts Festival, which is cool and fun and queer and diverse and awesome in a million ways is also in May in, duh, Toronto the same weekend as Queer& Comics.

I will be presenting a panel on Crowdfunding for Fun and Profit at AnimeNEXT in Somerset, NJ in June.

And while I am not sure I’ll be able to make it as it’s the same weekend as AnimeNEXT, Flame-con, NYC’s first LGBTQ comic-con is also in June in New York City. I’m hoping to check it out for at least one day.


Yuri Anime

A second season of Sailor Moon Crystal has been approved. Although we have no details as of yet, the first season covered the first 4 volumes of the manga, ie., the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon arcs, it stands to reason that the second season will begin with the Death Busters arc and the screaming of millions of Haruka and Michiru fangirls.

That having been said, bear in mind one major fact – in the manga, Haruka and Michiru are still not out as a couple. As with the original anime, they tend to prevaricate about their relationship. Crystal has shown no sign of deviating from the manga so far, so expect it to both more and less queer at the same time.

ANN Reports that a new Aria anime, Aria the Avvenire has been announced and the trailer is up for you to view.


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Yuri Manga

Annon-kun has written in with big news for Rakka Ryuusui fans. Volume 9, the final volume, hit streets in Japan at the end of last month. He tells us that the final count for the series is 5 Yuri couples!  Folks in Japan have a chance to purchase some limited edition artwork with the last volume from assorted stores, mostly featuring the main couple (Akiho and Minatsu).


Webcomics and Kickstarters

YNN Correspondent Rob points out that Fresh Romance Kickstarter, which is already past its’s initial goal is reviving romance comics for a diverse audience that is ready to welcome old and new comics styles. Romance comics were hugely popular in the mid-20th century and slowly, as the Comics Code and culture shift towards to TV eroded their reader base, they just sort of died out, although I remember them from my youth.

YNN Correspondent Jin writes in to let us know about these two webcomics from outside Japan: In this Korean Yuri story, the girls are college age and check out this Chinese GL comic.

Via Senior YNN Correspondent Erin S. is this cute 1950’s style comic by CherriArt, Rock and Riot.(Originally called Greaser Wars.)

Kate Leth has this comic on the importance of representation in comics, Stronger Than You.

Erin S also offers up this comic about “robots and school crushes” by Madeleine.


Other News

Because we haven’t had a YNN report in a little while, you may have missed the big news out of Japan. YNN Correspondent Simon B wants to make sure you know that Shibuya Ward in Tokyo passed a law granting same-sex couples a marriage-like certificate. It is the first place in Japan to do so and will hopefully be the first step forward towards marriage equality in the future. Here’s a Japanese language news report on this momentous event.

Foxy Lady Ayame, who has been a guest reviewer here, has this article on Same-Sex Desire  and Unions in Kaoru Miki’s A Bride’s Story.


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  1. Liz says:

    I’m so excited for Flame con and the new season of Sailor moon!

  2. Jackie S says:

    Since I’ve suffered through this season of SMC – though I will say that it’s thankfully much improved this arc – I will definitely watch the next season to get Neptune and Uranus. I might even say I am tentatively hopeful about it… Maybe.

    • ^_^; The news was incorrect. There is no new series as of yet. Correction was posted in this week’s report. Toei Europe was talking about the Black Moon arc, not Death Busters.

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