Yuri Light Novel: Gakuen Yuri Stories (学園百合ストーリーズ)

May 25th, 2015

GYSsYesterday, I talked a little about the series Seonam Girls High School Investigators, and why it’s far more important in terms of same-sex representation that a mere lesbian kiss.

Today I want to look at a series that purports to do the same thing and fails in every possible way to be anything expect excruciatingly bad porn.

Gakuen Yuri Stories (学園百合ストーリーズ) is a light novel that is set up as three stories about female couples in a high school. Right from the first moment, the book indicates that it has no intention of taking anything seriously and is just a 14 billionth reiteration of “first time” porn starring unrealistic girls in trope-y and uninteresting situations, while the language dwells lovingly on the creepiest of details and not at all about anything that girls actually might think.

I got to the first kiss between the first couple (hyper doofus and monotonal glasses girl), realized that they were segueing immediately from a first kiss straight to sex and closed the book, thus missing my chance to enjoy the adventures of Sachiko/Yumi clones and teacher and student.


Art – Yuck
Story – Ick
Characters – Types
Yuri – Yes
Service – 100%

Overall – 1

No thank you.

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6 Responses

  1. trinder says:

    I completely agree. All episodes were pretty stale and shallow. But, I found the third episode barely tolerable.

    The protagonists look like Sachiko and Yumi, but the story was not Marimite clone. They had a little complex background and secrets to each other.

    The plot was not bad. It could have been much better If another writer had written it, maybe.

  2. Day says:

    Those school uniforms are also hella uggo

  3. Chris Driggers says:

    I laughed hard. Great review :)

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