Yuri Manga: Himitsu Hitotsu (ひみつひとつ)

June 8th, 2015

downloadNakahara Tsubaki’s Himitsu Hitotsu (ひみつひとつ) is  a very solid exploration of an essential “Story A” trope – best friends whose feelings are more, etc, etc. Shorts in this collection are firmly rooted in school settings, with no sense of lesbian identity.

In most of these vignettes we’re told the story from the perspective of the friend who has come to the conclusion that their feelings are much more than friendly. In some cases, there is jealousy, but in most, the slide between friends and lovers is a short, relatively smooth slope, accompanids by artful, genteel tears and the occasional, “I feel that way too!”

As a primer for lesbianism, it makes it all look so easy. ^_^;


Art – 6 Typical, but sometimes the necks get out of control
Story – 6 Nothing made me hoot or holler
Characters – 4 All utterly cardboard cutouts. I can’t recall a single one, except for the one with the exceptionally long out of control neck
Yuri – 6 Nothing to offend the sensitivities of the fanboy, nothing to excite the senses of the fangirl
Service – 2 I think there is a panel with a thing going on.

Overall – 6

This is exactly the kind of Yuri Rica Takashima discusses in her article from Eureka‘s “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue which just happens to be going up for Patreon patrons this week! Become an Okazu patron and you too can see her take on the difference between 百合 and Yuri.

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