Yuri Network News (百合ネットワークニュース) – June 20, 2015

June 20th, 2015

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Starting off with ANN, they have any number of reports of interest for us:

Aria the Avvenire anime trailer is posted and has characters new and old. Clearly, they feel that we should be over our hurt feelings by now. They are probably right. ^_^

UK fans can look for K-ON Season 2 complete sets from Manga Entertainment. (Presumably, they have previously released Season 1.)

The first 12 minutes of the new Ghost in the Shell movie has been released online. And Funimation will be streaming the 4 Arise OVA episodes as they are shown on Japanese TV under the name Ghost in the Shell: Arise Alternative Architecture.

Yuru Yuri is getting new Natsuyatchumi episodes before the new season premieres in Japan in October. The cast is singing the theme songs.


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Live Action

More from ANN:

I imagine that some of you will be interested to know that all-female musical troupe Takarazuka is planning a Rurouni Kenshin adaptation.They’ve obviously been successful with recent anime and manga adaptations, which is sort of interesting.

And Blood-C: The Last Mind is getting a stage adaptation. I cannot imagine. In fact, if I were to see it, I am 100% certain, I’d be laughing hysterically into a handkerchief the entire time. Just LOOK at those “evil” faces. Gawd. ^_^

Ghost in the Shell: Arise is also getting a stage adaptation.  I bet Kusanagi falls backward off a “building.” ^_^

Comic Natalie has a link to the continuation of the Denpagumi live action series, called Innocent Lilies: The End and the Beginning.


LGBTQ Webcomic

From Senior YNN Correspondent, Erin S, Misunderstood. “A pure hearted warrior is sent on a quest to retrieve an emblem stolen from a local village. Yet this warrior is in for a surprise when she enters the territory of the demoness who stole the trinket.” The comic is available for purchase on Gumroad.

Other News

You know how I’m always encouraging you to read books without pictures, too? ^_^ Well ANN obviously feels the same way, so Gabriella Ekens put together a list of literature that gives insight to Psycho-Pass, from 1984 to Heart of Darkness. Good stuff and worth a read. (As are the books she suggests!)


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  1. Ash says:

    Erica I have a request, if you will. This steps away from yuri, but could you review Otouto no Otto? It seems to be gaining some popularity and accolade in Japan.

  2. Liz says:

    Zuka and my favorite childhood anime? *fangirl screaming intensifies* Now if only the Revue could to a musical version of Star Trek.

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