YNN Addendum, Part 2 (It’s all Good News this time)

July 13th, 2015

lokcdhI promised to let you know if there was any more good news out of San Diego Comic-Con…and there was!

First, many congratulations to the folks who work on The Lumberjanes, for their well-deserved Eisner awards. Yes, plural. The Mary Sue has the story. I’m gonna say it…if you are an Okazu reader, definitely, positively, check out The Lumberjanes. It’s wonderful and wacky and magical and adventure and gods and monsters and bears and summer camp. In other words, it’s great. ^_^

Also squee-worthy, and also from TMS,  is the announcement of a Legend of Korra comic from Dark Horse Comics that will be focusing on Korra x Asami. I’m gonna swoon.

Lastly, not a SDCC news item, but extremely exciting, on Yuricon we have a third article from Eureka magazine’s “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue – Rica Takashima’s Japan: Fertile Ground for the Cultivation of Yuri. This pointed and grounded perspective on the origin of “Yuri” is unlike anything else you’ll read. Now available to the public, it can be accessed by anyone!

Doing your own Yuri research? Check out the Yuricon Essays page for all the available English-language research on the topic. And if you’ve written your own, do let us know, so we can add it to the citations!

And that’s a wrap for the news this week!

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4 Responses

  1. Eric P. says:

    I’ve been curious as everyone else to see where things go and develop for the two girls, yet I did not see the ‘Korra’ comic coming, making it all the more a pleasant surprise! Looking forward!

  2. Donald Simmons says:

    The fact that it’s Dark Horse and not Nickelodeon is a good sign.

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