Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – July 25, 2015

July 25th, 2015

YNN_MariK Crowdfunding News

Our friends at Sparkler Monthly are setting up for their 3rd year, and would like your help to continue publishing fantastic female-creator and female-focused comics, prose and audio dramas! Support their Kickstarter to support Josei for the English-speaking world. The price of one manga will get you an ebook, the digital desktop set and their thanks. There’s even special creator levels that focus on Yuri creators KAIJU and Denise Schroeder.

This has nothing at all to do with manga, but I’m enamored with the iBackpack, a portable comunications hub, with enough charge for you and a bunch of friends to recharge your phones,  have wifi hotspot and a number of other features that will make it invaluable on the con circuit. The Indiegogo campaign launches August 15th. Stay tuned. I think this one might be a game changer for those of us who travel and con.


Other News

We knew this, but here’s the confirmation doubters won’t accept anyway – creators of Steven Universe agree that the Ruby and Sapphire are a lesbian couple.

Comic Natalie reports on a new Yuri Sci-fi manga series called “Heart of the Girl” beginning in Mangatime Kirara Miracle magazine.

ANN Reports that Otome Teikoku, an “ecchi comedy” by Maka-Maka’s  Kishi Torajirou (by which I mean it’s fairly unreadable,) is getting a “petit anime.” I reviewed Volume 1 in 2011, and never looked at it again.

Sentai Filmworks has released their first Sabagebu anime collection shots. It looks damn good. ^_^

I don’t honestly expect any great licensing news out of Otakon this weekend, but Summer Comiket is coming, and there’s always treasures galore there. The circle Lesbian Erotica, for instance, is going to be selling their BDSM comic, YuriKa, (ゆり母) collected this year, after having been online for YuRibon and on LINE manga.

Transformative Works and Cultures is looking for articles for a special Queer Female Fandom Issue. The Call For Papers can be found on Fanstudies. org.


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  1. Jye Nicolson says:

    Backed Sparkler, going to get me some Before You Go art ^_^

    Lots of yuri from Amazon in the mail this week (including a lonely Yuri Kuma #2 in a gigantic box).

    – In new(ish) Rakuen, Collectors is great as ever and the second Nishi-sensei story is just beautiful. I wish we could get more than eight pages a quarter from her in Rakuen but those gorgeous frames must take her forever.

    – The new Yuri Hime has glow in the dark writing on the cover for the 10th anniversary, it’s pretty cool. Takemiya sensei’s tall and short story concludes, so I think we’re going to end up with a tankobon of a year’s worth of one or two chapter stories. The G-Pen chapter is long and seems to be settling into a long arc (this is the second chapter focusing on one of the leads’ relationship with a woman in her professional sphere, I think they’re going to end up getting a lot of separate development as well as together – society as well as agency right? ^_^). I miss Love/Death but Kuzushiro-sensei is still busy with a very shoujo InuNeko.

    – I have the Iono-sama relreleases and drama CDs! Haven’t listened enough to really follow it yet, but somebody shares a voice actress with Sugi-san from the Girlfriends Drama CD and while it’s not surprising, it is a little trippy.

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