Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – August 1, 2015

August 1st, 2015


Super special exciting news! The new Yuricon Store is officially open!

Yuricon turns 15 this month, and Okazu is 13 years old and going strong and we wanted to do something amazing for this year’s celebration. Because emailing cake and balloons is difficult, we’ve got fun CONTESTS for you, our beloved Okazu readers and fellow Yuri fans, to celebrate our new Store! We’re looking forward to all your entries. ^_^

My heartfelt thanks to our webmaster, designer and all-round genius, Lissa Patillo  for the many many hours of work on the new Store.  And also to her and Meaghan for our lovely Grand Opening Image of Yuricon mascots Yuriko and Midori. ^_^ I am so excited to finally unveil this officially! Enjoy our one-stop shop for everything Yuri.

Now, onto this week’s news! And holy Yuri, there’s some amazing news…

Yuri Games

Mad popular Yuri game Okujou no Yuri Yurei-san has been licensed as Kindred Spirits on the Roof! I may be convinced to try this one, it’s just that popular.

ANN reports that R-INFINITY is planning a Yuri-focused dating sim game.  Go read their report and boggle at all the many horrible wonderful things promised. And remember, it’s always 1980 in Japanese dating sims, and it always will be. Happy endings and lesbians do not go together. Here’s a link to the game’s official site. ^_^;

In return, Twitter informed me that much less unhappy NenoKami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto is already licensed and may be less awful. Also licensed and heading our way is Shadows of Pygmalion.

YNN Correspondent Arca J wrote in to make sure we note that in a bold move from Nintendo, Fire Emblem will include same-sex marriage.

Guess I’ll have to open a new section on the Store, with all these licensed titles, huh? ^_^

LGBTQ Comics

Senior YNN Correspondent Erin S offers this list of LGBT Webcomics to tantalize and entertain you.



Confusion SF in Detroit is specifically looking for LGBTQ cartoonists interested in participating. January 21-24, 2016, take a look at the website and contact Kurt Erichsen.

Other News

Japanese clothing chain UNIQLO is premiering a brand new line of women’s summer yukata, influenced by famous 20th century illustrator Nakahara Junichi, who we know from the elegant covers he drew for Yoshiya Nobuko’s novels.

This excellent overview of the 2015 Eisner Awards by Gina Gagliano on Tor.com,  gives one hope for comics.


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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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4 Responses

  1. Roxie says:

    I heard that the Fire Emblem if/Fate series, the same sex partners is to a stalker goth girl and the S&M goth guy, and then there’s this: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/fire-emblem-fates-homophobia-gay-character-nintendo-3ds-rpg-drugged-turn-her-straight-1508953

  2. Mara says:

    Yurei is arriving in english, and Neno Kami looks pretty good too. What a nice second half of the year it is looking to be for Yuri visual novels. Even Shadows of Pygmalion looks better than most of the yuri related stuff Manga gamer has released lately.

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