Yuri Live Action: Carmilla, Season 2

August 6th, 2015

CarmillaLast November, I had the pleasure of reviewing the live-action webseries Carmilla. It was a smart, funny, intriguing blend of many things I found in my nerdy lumberyard, and in general I enjoyed it immensely. This summer we have a chance to watch a second season of this silly concatenation of random geeky Yuri interests.

As the series begins, we return to Silas University, where the evil Dean has been defeated, her plan to feed to student body to a giant fish god who lives beneath the campus thwarted. The students are ready to return to a semblance of normality, but that’s not likely, as the Board of Directors is traveling back to the campus to, it appears,  dissolve the university and, apparently, sell the students to a secret company/organization. The biggest spanner in the works is the identity of the Chairman of the Board, Camilla’s sister, Mattie Belmonde, cheerfully overacted by Sophia Walker. It’s hard to dislike her when she’s being so vile. ^_^

The story starts off with a nice kiss between Laura and Carmilla, then, between the elements of the larger plot, descends into some comfortable lesbian drama, as the two of them argue about completely mundane things in the middle of the blood-and-horror fest around them. Almost all of the previous cast returns, including Danny, Perri and  La Fontaine.


Overall  – 9

The series is not yet complete, but again tends to be short 5 or so minute webisodes, which makes for a fun weekend binge-watch. As with most sequel seasons there’s a bit of floundering in detail where we’re not sure it’ll have meaning, but I’m still watching. ^_^

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