YNN Vacation Souvenirs for You

August 15th, 2015

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind tour of NJ Shore points (5 amusement piers/boardwalks in 3 days) and, after all that ice cream and fried food, have no energy for news. Instead, I spent a good hour trying to get decentish photos of these from various boardwalk stores for you  as a souvenir.

If these were what the Disney Princesses looked like, I’d own massive amounts of Disney gear.  ^_^ Really give the tattoos a close look.

Baddisney - Alice

Baddisney - Ariel

Belle’s T-shirt is the Beauty and the Beast musical on Broadway logo. Clever.

Baddisney - Belle

Cinderella’s tattoos were my favorite.

Baddisney - Cinderella

Anna and Elsa have each other’s names tattooed in hearts. Awww….

Baddisney - Elsa

Baddisney - Anna

Baddisney - Jasmine

Baddisney - Snowwhite

Baddisney - trio

There were also  a series of police booking images. Here’s Alice. It made us giggle.

Baddisney - Alicebooked

No, there are no online vendors as these are a wonderful example of double copyright violations. It’s the kind of thing you go down the Shore and get, or not.

Happy Summer!

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