Event Report: Derpycon

December 6th, 2015

DPConDerpycon is a general pop culture entertainment event that was so hyperlocal to me that I walked over from my house. ^_^ And I have to tell you, I’m really glad I did! Derpycon was delightful and if I can, I will definitely be returning next year.

It’s been a long time since I went to so many really small events as I have this year. It’s a little like waiting for Great Pumpkin, everyone is so sincere, but you just never know how it will turn out.

My visit started with a delightful cosplay mashup: Attack on Titan Christmas Corps, with gift-wrapped vertical maneuvering equipment.


There were a number of other area cons, groups and communities with tables along the hallways and in various rooms. Of these, I spoke with T-Mode, a Washington DC metro area con and community that does get-togethers and events and Fan Focus Con which had interesting spin on guests – every guest has to add some unique value to the event. For instance, one guest would be leading morning yoga sessions, another hosting the Karaoke contest.

The Panels were very focused on fannish things, ranging from anime-world building to cosplayers against harassment and and other “how to be a human among humans” type panels, but Derpycon wins for the best panel title ever: The Equestrian Candidate: MLP Conspiracy Theories.  ^_^

One of the most fascinating groups tabling at Derpycon was Operation Hammond, a volunteer First Aid organization that specializes in attending geeky events. Along with first responders and EMTs, Operation Hammond also provides support for people who have social anxiety, panic attacks and other “too many people” problems.


The Artist alley was mostly folks selling fan art of popular series, but I found two wonderful things! First the delightful ladies of Un-Re Designs, with their unique color palette and delightfully creepy-cute  accessories.




And I came across the folks from Gay Breakfast, Nillia and Judith, who along with fun Yuri/lesbian fanart, had an *amazing* and wonderful original story of two goddesses who had been separated, reunited by a young boy. The story, told here on Azami Comic, in whole, and in parts with narration, is presented as a series of postcards. It’s a lovely tale, beautifully rendered and presented in a unique way.  For this alone, Derpycon was worth my time!  I do hope you’ll take a look at the story, it is truly lovely.


 The Dealer’s Room was much bigger than I anticipated, with hallways leading to it filled with other area events, including Otakon (which is moving to Washinton, DC in 2016), promoting Otakon Vegas, and Katsucon.


Spent some time visiting with Su from Sci-Fi Continuum and and Erin S of AnimeNEXT (which is moving to Atlantic City in 2016,) who was there with the Manga Library.


Got to spend some time there chatting with old friends, which was such a pleasant surprise.

They had a pretty extensive gaming room, including folks promoting their own original games.



I spoke with the designer of Cupcakes and Critters, in which you protect these cute little cupcakes from being eaten.


Deuce  was very enthusiastic about this version of a castle-defense game, and the table area smelled like sugar. ^_^


There was also a Tabletop gaming room, and video, music, LARPing and other features of cons these days.

As I made my way out, I nabbed a few cosplay pictures of folks that might interest us. ^_^ A *lot* of the cosplay was anime/manga specific.



And then my time at Derpycon had come to an end, but I will definitely be back!

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  1. just me says:

    Wow, that Operation Hammond thing is awesome! http://operationhammond.com/wp/?page_id=32 says

    “Social Care and Outreach– This is an area most conventions and events don’t do or if they do it’s very limited. Every year at conventions, many incidences of sexual assault, bullying, and abuse go unreported and unresolved. Operation Hammond’s social care and outreach is dedicated to assisting convention attendees with dignity, confidentiality, and compassion. Our social care and outreach offers basic first-aid to attendees in sensitive situations, and provides support from first-response to reporting such incidents to authorities. We guarantee privacy and respect all decisions regarding care and follow-up. We invite you to request our services no matter the circumstances.”

    I like :D how it’s clear that they help the targets of bullying, abuse and assaults here…

    …especially given the way all too many mainstreamers go “it’s OK, the *geeks and nerds* will still accept you!” to people who claim to have medical excuses for bullying, abusing, and assaulting other people. >:(

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