Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – December 12, 2015

December 12th, 2015

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Top story today, Seven Seas continues it’s tradition of licensing only the vilest, least consensual, most dysfunctional stories to be found in Comic Yuri Hime, with NTR -Netsuzou Trap, a series about two girls with boyfriends who have public, mostly non-consensual sex for no goddamn good reason.

I do not discuss this series when I review Comic Yuri Hime, because I do not consider it to be “Yuri” at all.  Along with To Lie AngleNTR is a story for creepy dudes. This is not a series I want to have anything to do with, and therefore I will not link to it, it will not be added to the Yuricon Store nor will I mention it again. No reviews will be published on this or any Seven Seas materials until they publish some Yuri that isn’t vile. Citrus is bad, NTR is unspeakably awful. I have spent many years making sure people know that Yuri is not just porn. Stuff like this sets us back two decades.

NTR is not  erotic, not melodrama. It’s not a cute story with a lot of service, it’s a unpleasant story about girls cheating on their boyfriends with each other, with one girl coercing the other to have sex with her, chapter after chapter. If you buy it, I will not condemn you, but I will have nothing to do with it. For the first time ever, I recommend against buying a Yuri manga being put out in English.


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If you rely on translated materials, now is a great time to learn Japanese, so you can read some of the decent Yuri manga being published in Japan.

To wash the bad taste out of my mouth from this news, I’ll recommend Rebecca Silverman’s Best and Most Memorable Manga of 2015 list on ANN, which awards Ikeda Takashi’s Whispered Words the “Sweetest Finale” title. The whole article was worth reading. ^_^

Japanese fans run down their top Yuri Manga for the year in the “Kono Yuri Manga ga Sugoi!“.

And for something much less awful, next week sees Katakura Ako’s Last Waltz (ラストワルツ) hitting the shelves in Japan.


Yuri Anime

From YNN Correspondent Day, we have news of savings on holiday sales! “Rightstuf is doing their massive annual sale and several Yuri titles have been included so far. Blue Drop is $11.99, Kashimashi is $12.49, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is $11.99, Simoun is $9.99, the various Marimite boxes are between $14.99 and $19.99, and Sakura Trick $22.49… and Burst Angel for $15.61 (on Bluray). They also, quite helpfully, have ‘Yuri’ as one of the ‘Theme’ listed in their sidebar for sorting.”

Excellent news, Day, thanks!

ANN reports that the Madoka movie created for the SHAFT “Madogatari” exhibit in Japan is at the core of the new project by the studio. Crunchyroll  News has some of the visuals.


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20 Responses

  1. Alice Dougherty says:

    Looks like Seven Seas also licensed “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” which, according to their press release has “a touch of yuri”. Maybe that’ll turn out to be something interesting.

  2. Jin says:

    I absolutely agree with everything you said. The best and only review necessary for this hentai-style story-line release. I will admit sadly I was not surprised to see this as pleasant news for western fans who obsessively adored complete garbage like Citrus. Also Seven Seas trumpeting this as an answer to yuri fans demand for yuri was disgusting. More so when I continue to see wonderful GL tankobon being dusted off and re-released every month in Japan.

    • When Seven Seas said they would not license Iono-sama Fanatics, but then licensed Citrus, I had a feeling this was the road they were taking. Their catalog is heavy on moe, loli and creepy, low on consensual, mutual romance and/or sex. I cannot and will not support this license.

  3. superokamifan says:

    I’m glad that yuri manga got licensed. may not be everyone’s cup of tea but its a strange yet interesting series. at least yuri is getting translated. only complaint i have is the LONG wait till September to buy the first volume.

  4. Anon says:

    NTR-Netsuzou Trap is really that popular among yuri fans in Japan? Or Seven Seas is talking fairytales? I heard Nakatani’s “Bloom Into You” is now #1 among yuri and they picked this? :/

    BTW: I was very interested in this series, cause I really wanted to see yuri ntr where girl is stealing girl from some guy. But this series turned to something completely different and started to feels like some stupid hentai manga.

    • I don’t know if it is really popular in Japan, but I find it hard to believe. Sometimes editors of magazines put money into promoting what they like more.

      It definitely seems as if Yagate Kimi ni Naru is very popular among Japanese Yuri fans.

      • Jye Nicolson says:

        I would have guessed 2DK was being pushed way harder by Ichijinsha, though I have no idea what’s more popular.

        I wonder if any variation in licensing fees plays into this?

        Anyway, I wouldn’t buy an NTR tankobon so I won’t be buying it in English!

        • Same here. I can only see what they advertise. Yuru Yuri, Citrus and Yuri Danshi (and all it’s spin offs) are being pushed hard. I haven’t see anything specific for NTR, and have seen a few adds for other series.

          NTR, is a acronym for a “cuckolding” fetish, so that makes sense. It appears to me to be very targeted to those male readers who prefer their Yuri forbidden.

  5. Quentin says:

    I find your derision of Seven Seas rather unfair, as they have licensed “Gakuen Polizi”, “Girl Friends” and “Kisses, Sighs and the Cherry Blossom Pink”, which I am sure are more to your taste. How many other Western manga publishers license Yuri as frequently as Seven Seas do? Indeed, they’re licensing the Mouretsu Pirates manga, which is I would venture is higher in your esteem. To be frank, your blanket condemnation of them seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    • I don’t condemn then, I noted a trend. They are allowed their choices. I am allowed my opinion.

      It’s an unspoken rule of fandom “one must never criticize”, but Seven Seas chooses which dollars to go after, and they are not going after mine. They won’t license manga about adults, their catalog is very loli and service-filled. They make choices that appeal to them. They have that right. I have the right to note that they have not licensed Iono-sama Fanatics, Fu~Fu or any series that shows love between adult women, confining their licenses to mostly the non-con servicey sex romps running in Comic Yuri Hime. Series that very specifically, I find unaappealing to the point of making me ill.

      If that makes you uncomfortable, then good. You are certainly allowed and welcome to buy what you wish. But you have been warned. Seven Seas Yuri is the Yuri we used to have to get, back in the day, when gross sex with copious bodily fluids was all we had and all we were ever going to get. I have spent a lifetime moving Yuri away from that.

      How many other publishers are publishing Yuri? Right now one – One Peace Books. This is likely to change in the next few years, as other publishers are showing interest in titles. I will guess that by 2020, we’ll have three publishers of Yuri.

      • just me says:

        Didn’t Seven Seas almost publish “nymphet” too?

        “one must never criticize” goes with “one must just keep buying even when one loses interest or else you’re betraying your people and your people are fellow geeks” D:<

        Good for you for not pandering to all that!

  6. Stacy L says:

    Completely on your side here Erica. I was quite happy to purchase the Milk Morinaga manga, which were sweet, sincere and lovely, despite being about naive schoolgirls again, but Citrus (borrowed from my public library) was unreadable. I’ll save my money for the yuri that I want, not the yuri this publisher deigns to give us.

    The Korra and Asami ‘Turtle Duck Date Night’ picture has been providing me with more heart-warming yuri goodness than most actual yuri content lately. And that’s just one image, but the beauty and tenderness within it, of two people who might be quite young but are still adults, works wonders. Makes me feel better whenever I see it.

  7. Day says:

    I first saw the news of the licensing of NTR very early in the morning, and in the course of becoming more awake, I dismissed it as having been something I imagined. As such, it was disappointing when I discovered that I hadn’t dreamt it up. What a drag. Citrus was bad enough, but they’ve one-upped themselves with this repellant crap.

  8. Sara Auttenberg says:

    Uuuuhg. The whole thing I love about yuri is that so much of it isn’t tragic lesbian and lesbian fetishist media. Seeing only the worst of it get localized is so frustrating.

    • Yes. It’s a very frustrating position to be in. I always recommend buying Yuri to encourage the licensing, but this is too awful. It’s a big “fuck you” to female Yuri fans and especially lesbians.

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