Stretch Manga, Volume 3 (ストレッチ)

December 21st, 2015

stretch3Volume 3 of Akili’s manga, Stretch (ストレッチ) is masterful work, which is to say that he makes a very readable  and credible story out of his creepy fetish, which allows him to draw his characters in a variety of servicey poses, positions and clothing.

Christmas is approaching, which has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything but putting Ran in a sexy part-time Christmas costume. We skip quickly past New Year’s gags in order to have a semi-serious moment at Valentine’s Day, in which Ran admits that her chocolate is “serious.” And we plow through some flashbacks in order to establish that, while Keiko and Ran are not a couple, the could be, they might be. One day.

In the meantime, as with Volume 1 and Volume 2, we continue to be treated to a variety of stretches, all of which I try out, because I read this manga before bed, when I am stretching. Most of them are pretty basic. This isn’t developmental stretching, and pretty much anyone could do these, which I would presume is the point, except that we have to look at the women’s crotches, chests and butts an awful lot. This sort of service always makes me a little sad, as I can’t stop imagining some guy being all excited and happy for a panty shot in this manga. It’s so depressing, isn’t it?

Art – 9
Story – When it’s not just gags and service, it can be an 8
Characters – 7 You have to like them, or why read this manga?
Yuri – Really shoehorning it in this time, let’s say 4, but YMMV
Service – 7

Overall – 7

More importantly, my flexibility is increasing, although not specifically because of Stretch. ^_^

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