Danshi Kinsei! Yuri no Hanazono Manual (男子禁制! 百合の花園マニュアル)

December 27th, 2015

manualIn years past, for no particular reason, it has become the habit here at Okazu to end the year with an amazingly good book and start the year with a truly terrible one. I am switching it up this year for a reason. This will be the last truly terrible book I review here on Okazu. ^_^

As we close the year, I’m making a change. I’ve almost completely stopped reviewing hentai anthologies because while they have female characters having sex, they rarely are anything other than emotionless porn. I’ve also stopped getting, reviewing or often even mentioning series I find revolting. Is this censorship? No. It’s curation. I’m not stopping anyone from reading about, buying or enjoying these things. In some cases I solicit guest reviews for them. It’s just that having to page through stuff that makes me unhappy makes me unhappy. I love Yuri and don’t want to be unhappy reading it. I obviously cannot change the fact that there will always be people who think it a fetish to fulfill their wanking needs. I don’t feel any compulsion to encourage that.

Which leads me to Danshi Kinsei! Yuri no Hanazono Manual (男子禁制! 百合の花園マニュアル ). On the assumption that anything labeled “Guys forbidden” would be a cesspool of fetishes created for those very guys who prefer to imagine they are seeing something forbidden, I threw this book in my last order from Amazon JP.

My assumption was correct.

This book is a “manual” in the sense that, if you are utterly bereft of imagination and cannot for the life of you come up with a single scenario in which two girls might have sex for your shitty porn fic, this book will give you ideas. ^_^ Cesspool of fetishes it is.

I didn’t even bother reading the text, the premise was so absurd and the scenarios so awful.


Overall – 0

This is the last 0 I will ever give here. There is so much good Yuri in the world. I will continue to celebrate it and promote it with pleasure and positivity.

With this promise, I wrap up all my reviews for 2015. Next up – Top 10 Lists and on to 2016 for some great Yuri!

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  1. Liz says:

    The world needs more good Yuri.

  2. JB says:

    Aww, I actually like it when you ripped bad yuri and tell me what to steer away from. It’s fine though, more good yuri for the new year!

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