Western Comic: Mean Girls Club

January 17th, 2016

MeanGirlsClub-364x493 You know who they are, those femme fatales who drink the tears of their victims and lie and steal and do drugs and cause mayhem…they are the Mean Girls Club. They wear ridiculously slinky dresses, beat up old men and nurses and shoot truckers to steal their truck. We all know their names…Blackie and Pinkie and Wendy and Wanda, Sweets and McQuaalude. They are the Mean Girls Club.

Ryan Heshka’s Mean Girls Club is a short, adorably, ridiculously amoral tale of 6 absurdly terrible people, with no plot per se except them being extremely amorally terrible. It was a blast. Hot pink, white, black and gray pages leave one with the impression that the story is a tale of what happens when a bunch of biker’s tattoos come to life and have some fun. ^_^

The book is part of Nobrow’s 17 x 23 project, which was developed to give young graphic artists a chance to tell their stories and springboard to other work.  I will definitely give a few of these a chance. You know how I like to support new artists.


Art – 7 Pinups gone wild
Story – 9 Drinking, drugs, beating the innocent, breaking into hospitals
Characters – 8 McQualuude’s a secret softy
Service – 1 Slinky dresses and decolletage
Yuri – 0 But you can tell they all have the hots for Pinky (in my imagination, but look at the way Wendy clings to her on the cover.)

Overall – 9

At under $6, this swanky 24-page firmcover doujinshi would make a great gift for the bad-girl lover in your home. It hits shelves in February.

Thanks ever so much to Nobrow Books for the review copy. I loved this book!

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