Sailor Moon R Season 2 Part 2, Disk 1 Anime (English)

January 27th, 2016

SMR22-275x318Having established that Chibi-Usa is actually the “Rabbit” targeted by the bad guys,  Sailor Moon R Season 2 Part 2, Disk 1 immediately sidetracks the story into the most pointless rivalry ever, as Rubeus’ henchwomen fight for his attention. Happily they  – and he –  are defeated with alacrity.

We learn of the existence of a mysterious Sailor Pluto through Chibi-Usa, but not much more. Maddening isn’t it? ^_^

And, finally, Esmeraude appears. Yay! I don’t know why, but of the this particular crop of baddies, the Black Moon folks, she’s the only one I actually like, even though she spends the entire time moping about Dimande. But then, so does Saphir.

And we learn that Dimande is being manipulated by “Wiseman” who looks just like Death Phantom. Hrm. Related or lack of creative juice? We’ll have to wait and see!

Technically, this disk is fine. The visuals are clear, the sound is good, the plot is excruciating and  I’m twiddling my fingers until Pluto shows. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 5, we’re treading water until next disk
Characters – 6
Yuri – 0
Service – 1 on principle

Overall – 6

Change and plot progression is coming. Just not yet. Wait for it. ^_^

Thanks to Viz for providing the review copy and being super responsive to comments.

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