Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – February 13, 2016

February 13th, 2016

YNN_MariKToday is a good day for Yuri. ^_^

Sailor Moon Crystal News

Via YNN Correspondent Elizabeth F. according to the Sailor Moon Official Page, the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal will be premiering in April 2016 and a special project and other news will be revealed at Anime Japan.  (Remember what I have told you about Toei? They just announced staff/cast and are rushing this out in 3 months. DO NOT be surprised when the TV animation is subpar. This is how they work every time.) The Mooniverse on Facebook has graciously provided  a translation of the full announcement.

FunkoPop showed off  new Sailor Moon Inner Senshi dolls  (and Tuxedo Mask) at  his week’s NY Toy Fair. There are plans for the Outers, so fingers crossed if you’re a FunkoPop fan. I think of them as the larger, USA-version of Nendroids – giant heads and weird proportions, but somehow kinda cute.


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Yuri Manga News

The official Anoko ni Kiss to Shiroyuri wo Twitter account announces that an Anokonikiss Drama CD will be included with the March 2016 issue of Comic Yuri Hime! Volume 4 of Anokiss (notice how the acronym gets smaller each time…?) will be hitting shelves on February 23.

And for those planning ahead, the May 2016 issue of Comic Yuri Hime is available for pre-order.

HaruYuri (ハルユリ) sounds like a rather typical, Story A girls in love story, but the description on Amazon.JP is amusingly hysterical. “a GIRLS ONLY love story!”

Muzutani Fuuka’s sweet little Yuri series, Kono Kutsu Shirimasenka? is getting a ‘perfect volume” collection. (この靴しりませんか? 完全版)

So is Kodama Naoko’s Fujiyuu Sekai. (不自由セカイ 完全版) I hope all the folks who have read the scanlations of this (a lot, based on the number of hits I get for that review,) consider actually buying the book they like so much.

Looking for a cute post-apocalyptic story about Yuri vampires? Yeah, me neither. But there is one!  Michiwarekusa Monogatari (道割草物語) Volume 1 and Volume 2 exist in this world.


Yuri Webcomics

YNN Correspondent Shannon L. wants to share this nice autobiographical webcomic What it’s like to be gay at an all-girls middle school.

And senior correspondent Erin S. shared this “cute f/f sci-fi short comic about a princess and knight.


Other News

Kadokawa announced a ‘Yuri fair’ lineup of Valentine’s day cards by Kadokawa artists. Check out the designs on this Comic Natalie report.


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