Comic Cune December 2015 (コミックキューン2015年12月号)

March 18th, 2016

Cune1215In previous issues of Comic Cune, we’ve established that this magazine is for that vast swath of fandom that likes impossibly cute girls doing nothing, eating baked goods and hobnobbing with supernatural beings, like giant skeletons, aliens, vampires and the like.


So, in the December 2015  issue of Comic Cune (コミックキューン2015年12月号) in between baking and eating sweets (at a quick count, in at least 16 of the stories, snacks were eaten, ) there is Yuri.

There are a lot of stories in which embraces and the like are included, but that isn’t the Yuri. The Yuri comes in the form of the folks from Moonphase, Fujieda Miyabi and Minamoto Hisanari. With actual Yuri stories…that include eating baked goods. Because Comic Cune has standards, you know.


Yuri – 5
Baked Goods – 10

Overall – 8

I keep reading this magazine and I keep wondering why.  But then the giant skeleton makes a flan and I think, “Guess I have to get the next issue.”

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  1. Q says:

    Your review made me laugh out loud more than once. Thanks for the early morning pick-me-up :)

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