Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – March 19, 2016

March 19th, 2016

YNN_MariKLive Action News

Wahooooooo! ANN reports that Sentai Filmworks has licensed the live-action Arch Angels, a crazy movie based on a cute shoujo comic Warau Daitenshi Mikaeru. I heaped praise upon this movie back in 2008 and have been praying daily for someone to license it. There’s a little akogare/crushiness, nothing more Yuri however, the movie stars Ueno Juri and has a nun with an eyepatch who has eyeball grenades, so I think that makes up for any perceived flaws. ^_^


Yuri Event

Yuriten is a collaboration event to celebrate Yuri series by a bunch of Yuri artists (Including Kanno, Amagure Kido and Takasaki Hiromi)  in Osaka in February and Ikebukuro in March, and as I will be in Ikebukuro in May don’t think I’m not gnashing my teeth in frustration at missing this. Grrrr.


Yuri Manga

Nari x Yuki Living (なり×ゆきリビング なり×ゆきリビング ) is a seeries that follows two coworkers who end up living together in an odd-couple-y fashion. The plot doesn’t sound all that Yuri, but the series is listed under the BL Comics on Amazon (which is where the Yuri is indexed. They really need a new category header.)

And we have Morinaga Milk’s new volume Hana to Hina ha Houkago (ハナとヒナは放課後) on the Yuricon Store, as well. ^_^

Lilies Anthology is an Tumblr project looking to publish Yuri comics. They are recruiting artists (unpaid) and have a few months of submissions in their archives and first issue is imminent according to a recent update.


Other News

Comic Natalie reports that Yuri Danshi is being released in a new 5-volume set and a in the May issue of Comic Yuri Hime Kurat Uso will have an extra “doujinshi” story, Ore no Yome Nanka Inee~” that I have zero hope for, but will refrain from further comment until I have seen it.

Also on Comic Natalie Murcielago‘s Yoshimura Kana, Baccano’s and Durarara‘s Narita Ryougo have a 4-part conversation with Fukami Shin about, presumably writing gonzo crime stories. ^_^

Komatsu-san has the scoop that former Takarisenne Reon Yuzuki is starring in  a Bio Hazard/ Resident Evil stage musical on Crunchyroll news. Now take a moment to re-read that and think about the idea of a musical  Resident Evil adaptation. Best of times…worst of times.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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    You forgot to mention that Kurata Uso’s 俺の嫁なんていねぇ! (Yuri Danshi 2) goes on hiatus due poor sales.

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