Yuri Manga: Comic Yuri Hime May 2016 (コミック百合姫2016年5月号)

April 21st, 2016

CYH0516-e1460213624713The May 2016 issue of Comic Yuri Hime has a little faux sticker on the cover that reads “Inside is the same Comic Yuri Hime as always.” There’s little else to say about it. ^_^

The first half is mostly series I’m not reading for any number of reasons. Ohsawa Yayoi’s “2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock” has taken a turn away from the lead characters to continue following Koyuki who is, I fear, not as interesting to me as to others. Her self-esteem issues might be real, but I can’t really care.

“Ayame 14” by Amano Shuninta finally embraces a Yuri theme with Ayame and Sango recognizing their interest in each other, but it’s still a little creepy to me, as we focus on Ayame’s budding sexuality, with no attempt at grounding it in identity, character or…anything, really. It’s just Ayame discovering sex, which is kind of ick.

The Yuri Yosei and White Yuri Yosei seem to be developing a bit of a relationship in Minamoto Hisanari’s “Kanaete! Yuri Yosei” after wrapping up a multi-chapter relationship that mostly only needed a nudge or two, but got three or four.

“Princess Prince” seems to have settled down into a really kind of touching discussion of performative gender, something I never expected of Aoto Hibiki’s goofball comedy.

Katamura Ako’s “Last Waltz” remains intriguing and odd and sexual and violent, sorta.

Kuzushiro’s “Nekoyama-san to Inugami-san” takes a really unlikely, but rather pleasant turn, as we look at Suzu’s older sister from the point of view of the guy who will never get the girl.

Takemiya Jin takes a look at creating a monster and then being jealous of it in “Kara no Hoka”.


Overall – 6

Overall, I’m feeling again like the emphasis is on the stuff I don’t care for, but at least there is still content that I like.

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  1. Anon says:

    Ah, Yuri Hime. I’ve already read about all the drama in yuri fandom due to the new direction of the magazine. The infamous “a + yuri”. Well, I stopped carring about this magazine some time ago. Editors of Yuri Hime are doing a terrible job. More interesting yuri series are running in other magazines now. And it’s not like every series in Yuri Hime are bad. I still like works of Ohsawa Yayoi, Takemiya Jin or Kodama Naoko, but it’s not worth to buy entire magazine just for them. It’s better to wait for tanks.

    • There aren’t other Yuri magazines anymore, but there are other magazines with some Yuri. The editors do the job they think serves their market best. Japanese companies don’t care about non-Japanese readers’ opinions.

    • Xevia says:

      I wonder what other magazines ur talking about that have good yuristories in it. I only know the yurihime magazine so far

      • There is only one Yuri manga magazine being published in Japan. But there are many dozens of magazines that have individual Yuri manga stories. Comic High, Comic Beam, Birz, Rakuen Le Paradis, Comic Cune and several of the Mangatime Kirara magazines run various Yuri series.

  2. Citrusfan says:

    Hi, I recently began reading Saburo Uta’s Citrus, but I don’t know when its chapters are published (or when Comic Yuri Hime is): could you tell me?

    Thank you

    • Comic Yuri Hime is on a bimonthly release. If you are asking about scanlations, I cannot and will not help you. It says clearly on the front page, “Please do not email or comment asking for or posting links to scanlations or fansubs. Okazu readers overwhelmingly support the artists, writers and publishers of Yuri by buying anime and manga series in English and Japanese.”

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