Tokyo Journal 2016, Part 1 – Sailor Moon in Roppongi, Rose of Versailles in Tokyo Station

May 4th, 2016

It’s been a whirlwind trip here in Tokyo. As I type a whirlwind blows a storm across Kantou, so it seemed like a good day to catch up. ^_^

The very first thing we did was hit the Sailor Moon exhibition in Roppongi. Rather than post our few pictures, I recommend you take a look at this extensive set of photos, by They covered it all in way more detail than we did.

The line for the café was about 90 minutes long when we got there and they had run out of the locket burgers, but we managed to get the Outers curry and the Tuxedo Kamen spaghetti. (Thinking about it, they should have made it ramen and called it Tuxedo Ramen, but no one asks me. ^_^)

outers curry

The curry was better than expected, honestly.

Drinks were Inners themed, and they contained BB Chocora energy drink, which was a main sponsor.  All of them were pretty good, but I had the Mars drink and thought it the best.


The only downside of lunch was, that without the burger and with the sugary drinks, it was a carbfest. By the time we got to dessert, I was already pretty sugared up. Then I got the Sailor Moon parfait – which was excellent, but by god was it sweet. Like a gumball parfait, with a white (yellow) chocolate moon.


Then we came back and checked out what we had gotten at the shop. Some of what we wanted was sold out, no surprise. There were a *lot* of people buying stuff. So many, that there was a sign that you could *only* buy 20 of any item. Reselling is big business here.


Some of these items are destined for future lucky boxes, because I love you folks and want you to be happy. ^_^

We’ve also visited a shrine and climbed the most treacherous path I can remember having ever been on. This bit actually had a handrail. One part was a rope and other bits were unaided.



We ran into a Rose of Versailles pop-up shop that sold the most amazing boxes of tissues I have ever seen.


Had to show you this large so you can see everyone crying. ^_^

We saw a Chihayafuru popup, as well, as the live action movie is coming soon.


We’ve hit up a few other places, but it’s time to get dressed and get breakfast, so I’ll tell you all about the lecture next time. What a day it was!


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