Tokyo Journal 2016 – Home Again

May 9th, 2016

DSCN1038Made it home after a particularly excruciating trip. It was a little shorter than usual, but a guy a few rows over with a hacking cough made sleep all but impossible, and the flyers included a surprising number of people who had no idea how to use the bathrooms appropriately. I mean, really, had no idea at all.

But here we are and here is the picture of most, not all of the items unbagged. We left most of the Gudetama items bagged (which is good, because they are disgusting. ^_^; Gudetama is an extremely lazy uncooked egg who slimes all over the place.)


You can see the piles of doujinshi and a few manga I picked up, some of the Rose of Versailles stuff and a lot of the Sailor Moon items from the exhibit, Animate and a few other places, including some pens and my wife’s top purchase the Proplica Spiral Heat Moon Rod, which was an amazing last-minute find. I found the Uranus and Neptune figurines in the new set (although I love the figurine set with the Inners all doing their attacks, and if one of those for the Outers is released, I am so going broke.)

And I caved and got a new Saber, too. Back in my Comitia post, I commented on my unwritten rules of shopping. One of the rules I have is that any female character portrayed as confident in anime or manga must also look confident in figurine form. No vacant eyes or vulnerable poses. It feels too much like you had to drug her to wear that bikini and pose like that. Creeps me out utterly. Looking over at my shelves I notice that the characters who carry weapons in the series are carrying them in the figurines I own from Fate T. Harlown and Bardiche to Asamiya Saki and her yo-yo. No baby seal “please don’t hurt me” faces on my shelves. Most of the faces say “I got this”.

I have a *ton* of stuff to share with you and I’ll be doing a couple of post-Tokyo trip lucky boxes to start the summer off right, with exclusive goods, so keep an eye open for that announcement.

Thanks to everyone we saw and met and met again and hung up with this past week! It was an absolute blast. And now…time to start reading…and crashing. ^_^

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