Event: Informal Okazu Meetup at Girls Love Festival on June 5

May 18th, 2016

Girls Love Festival, the largest Yuri-only doujinshi show in Japan is coming up in the Tokyo Metrpolitan area on June 5.  You can check out the attending circles, the series they plan on having doujinshi of, and what their websites are on the GLF website.

Because at least a couple of our loyal readers and Okazu friends plan on attending, I had a fun idea. Here is an Okazu badge for you to print out and wear:

okazu-banner02 (2)

(It should print out at about 2.5″ x 4″, but I know it might not, because printers….)

If you are a member of our Okazu family and want to connect with other readers and fans, feel free to print this out and pin it on your person. This way you’ll be able to recognize each other.  I’m sorry I won’t be there, but that gives you all the chance to bond over those times you disagreed with me. ^_^ Okazu reader Michiru has already offered an event report, but if you’re there, do please send us your report – and I hope you’ll tell me how nice it was to meet each other!

This is the very first Okazu meetup where I’m not myself involved, so if you’re wearing the badge, please abide by Okazu community rules – you can say mean stuff about me, but not about each other and please be friendly and polite to the artists. I want them to have a good impression of those of us on Okazu!

Above all, have loads of fun and tell us all about it! And I want a picture of all of you. ^_^

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  1. Julia says:

    Seeing as the event is open from 12:00-16:00, I would suggest that those of us attending may want to try to meet at the entrance at around 12:30, thereby avoiding the first rush of people while still being there early enough for those who want to queue up for various artists to do so.

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