Yuri Drama CD: Kindred Spirits Friendship Plans (English)

May 30th, 2016

KindredSpirit_DramaCD_vol2It’s only been a few months since I read and reviewed the popular Yuri Visual Novel, Kindred Spirits. It had started to fade a bit in memory (you try to remember the details of the almost 3000 things that have been reviewed here…!) but there was one thing I remembered – I liked Youka and Aki as a couple best. So when I saw that MangaGamer had put out the second Kindred Spirits Drama CD, and that it was on sale for %15 off, and it starred Youka and Aki, I threw money at them right away.

MangaGamer also has the first Kindred Spirits Drama CD, Playing Girlfriend. I am not yet sure if I care enough about Ano to listen to it.

In the mean time, while most of America was out barbecuing animals parts or sitting in traffic, I spent a ridiculously pleasant afternoon listening to fictitious characters going on dates. ^_^

Kindred Spirits Friendship Plans (屋上の百合霊さんドラマCD「友情プラン」) follows Math Club President Tsurigamine Kiri and rocker Koba Youka as they read a magazine article about how, if dates get repetitive, couples become distant. Youka panics instantly as she has no ideas for a date beyond live shows and music stores. Kiri admits that she and Tsukuyo-sensei are going to the same places a lot, as well. So they decide to plan dates for each other.

Kiri and Tsukuyo end up at an amusement park for “cosplay day,” while Youka and Aki end up at a…wasabi paddy.

Not only are the dates cute, with a touch of pleasant romantic tension, but the characters actually get more development. It’s not wasted time at all, like some Drama CDs, in which you learn nothing new about any of the characters or their relationships. And, removed from school as they are, we get to actually see a bit more of their whole personality. In a short time, we get a glimpse of their various concerns about their relationships and their belief in those same relationships. Aki and Youka’s ending is particularly satisfying in this regard.

The content is subtitled, over a video of the CD pamphlet cover, so no Japanese comprehension is needed. The CD is available by download only, in two downloads – one of the video and the other with images and extra voice clips. Credits and dialogue are translated into English.

The voice actresses all do a good job and I was reminded immediately why I like Aki best. Togashi Kei and Rita just make a really convincing couple. And Aki says stuff that people might actually say, it’s so refreshing. ^_^


Characters – 9 One point off because both Kiri and Youka just scream too much. I’m getting old and screaming isn’t so cute.
Story – 9 It was much, much better than I gave it credit for being on reading the summary
Yuri – 8 Aki and Youka are darling

Overall – 9

I liked the premise – it wasn’t squicky at all.  But then, the dates were absurdly cute and I learned something about wasabi, so there’s that. ^_^

I liked it so much, I’m going to go right now and buy the first one. Turns out Togashi Kei plays Ano, too. ^_^

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