Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 CD/DVD

June 14th, 2016

61kDtm02hIL._SX425_It’s not business as usual around here on Okazu for me to review a soundtrack CD, so you have to know something’s special if I do. ^_^

The Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 CD/DVD is special. ^_^

In USA terms, this CD would be an enhanced single, with 4 tracks: “New Moon ni Koi Shite,” the Sailor Moon Crystal opening, with vocals and karaoke version (without vocals) and the Sailor Moon Crystal ending, “eternal eternity” with vocals and without.

The DVD includes TV sized version of both tracks with the opening and closing visuals, without credits.

And, then, comes the thing that makes the CD/DVD worth getting. Included are “digest movies” for the full opening and ending songs. These end up being extremely satisfying music videos of the series. And ,as “eternal eternity” is a duet sung by Minagawa Junko as Sailor Uranus/Tenoh Haruka and Ohara Sayaka as Sailor Neptune/Kaioh Michiru, the video ends up being an extended Haruka x Michiru lovefest.

This CD/DVD is just the kind of thing that makes a perfect stocking stuffer come holiday time and a welcome break from all those Haruka and Michiru-less days we have to put up with.

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So Glad I Bought It – 10

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  1. Liz says:

    I only wish the season had drawn a bit from the 90’s anime so there are more Haruka and Michiru moments. Plus it would give Michiru some time to get some character development.

    • Since it has been from the beginning a retelling of the manga, it was never going to do that. We’ve been lucky to have a good director this season who made the best bits between them from the manga look good.

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