Comic Cune, January 2016 (コミックキューン2016年1月号)

July 12th, 2016

cune1601Okay, Okay. I know that this review is 7 months late. I’ve been busy. ^_^

The important thing to know is that Comic Cune is 1)  getting Yurier and 2) the girls are still eating a lot of sweets and 3) Comic Cune is getting weirder by the issue.

So this issue has more Yuri, more supernatural creatures (now, with moe Elder Gods!) and more baked goods than ever before.

I keep saying I won’t read any more of this, then I see the Yuri mixed in with the vampires, aliens, Elder Gods, zombies and the like and I think…okay. One more. It’s like the Lay’s potato chips of moe manga magazines.


Overall – 8

Fine, fine, I’m just getting a subscription to this stupid magazine. Sheesh

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  1. Ellen says:

    Moe Elder Gods? Perhaps like Hello Cthulhu — .

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