Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 24, 2016

September 24th, 2016

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Volume 5 of Anoko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo (あの娘にキスと白百合を) hit shelves today in Japan with various gifts and illustrations at different stores, Comic Natalie reports.

Himawari-san, Volume 7 (ひまわりさん 7) is also hit shelves today.

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comic Anthology, featuring 15 comics about queer witches of color is heading into it’s final 2 weeks of a crowdfunding campaign and is about 2/3 way funded. I’m in on this fantastic-looking anthology.

According to Seikaisha the 6th volume of Marine Corps Yumi is going on sale October 10. Now that predatory lesbian Erica Bush is a semi-regular, we’ll just go ahead and call it “Yuri.” ^_^


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Other News

For your shelf of useful things you’ll never use, ANN has the word that a letter-opener size version of Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword Blaster is up for order.

The actresses for the five roles of Grand Stage’s live event have videos up on the official page. I’m not seeing it, just yet. They all look 12 years old and sound very girly to me. ^_^  The choice for Akabara-no-kimi, Yuuto Iriya, frankly puzzles me. Spoiled as I am with Saiga Mitsuki in the role, I cannot for the life of me hear or see this adorable cherub as the suave elder of the Grand Stage.

The Official Sailor Moon fan club is opening up it’s ranks to overseas fans for the very first time. Registration will run from September 23 through October 22, but…no surprise Tokyo Otaku Mode didn’t actually imagine that a lot of people would try to register and their system crashed, so they’ve delayed the registration. May I editorialize here for a moment? WTF? How did they *not* realize the system would be slammed? Seriously.

October 28 through November 4, will see a Rose of Versailles Rose Garden in the Ginza in Tokyo. ANN has the details.

We’ll wrap up with two interesting – and hopeful – articles on the place of LGBTQ themes in manga as ways of helping further LGBTQ understanding in Japan.

How Manga is guiding Japan’s Youth on LGBT issues from Dazed.com and The Evolving “Boy’s Love” Culture: How Rotten Girls’ Gloom Could Eliminate Prejudice, from an American and Japanese gay couple, living in Japan.

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8 Responses

  1. Jin says:

    I already ordered Himawari-san but I used CDJapan points.

    I’m surprised no mention of ‘ViVid Strike!’ or did I miss it? Here is some link:



  2. Will says:

    Thanks for the links! Definitely gonna check out Magic and Power.

    The articles seem really good. I’d actually just read a review of that Dokyusei movie that came out a while back and the writer kept saying they were really kinda floored to see how the movie seemed grounded in reality and that the two leads seemed like actual gay teens in love, not the really unrealistic and idealized depictions you usually see in yaoi and yuri. They said this in contrast to a lot of works could be something that a real gay teen might find helpful or relatable, which I found really interesting.

  3. SG says:

    I’m personally pretty happy with Kohaku’s actress for the GS stage show. She does dansou professionally, I think?

    (Also, if anyone is interested in discussing the Grand Stage CD series in general, I’ve been dying to talk to people about it – especially Kohaku, who became my favorite after her Romance Review CD!)

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