Hayate x Blade 2 (Nyan), Volume 4 Manga (はやて×ブレード2 4)

December 27th, 2016

Welcome to the last Okazu review of 2016. This year has been challenging and rewarding and amazing and dreadful. And, so, I had  good long think about which book I wanted to represent this year for me. It took only a moment to realize that the series that best represents this year for me is Hayate x Blade by Hayashiya Shizuru. ^_^

In Hayate x Blade 2 (Nyan), Volume 4 (はやて×ブレード2 4), the Ultimate Hoshitori is on.

We finally take on the burning question we’ve asked outselves since practically the very first volume….who is better, Momoka and Isuzu or Otoha and Michi? The great otokoyaku battle begins…and ends. The ending was never really in doubt.

The students of the Black Group and the students of Tenchi Academy have now been integrated, but they are not abiding peacefully. Fubuki Hajime’s group is dedicated to bringing about the defeat of Amachi Hitsugi and her noble warriors. At last Hajime and Hitsugi come face to face. The ending was never in doubt.

You may think I was exaggerating about the number of main characters last volume, but I counted and there are literally 32 main characters in this volume. 32 main characters. And new ones added all the time.


Art – 10 
Story – 10 
Characters – 10 
Yuri – 0 Jun was very reserved this issue.
Service – 0  Less Jun, less service.

Overall – 10

Hitsugi’s only desire is to see smiles through the blood, laughter through the tears and to watch her schoolmates strive ever onward, past pain and defeat to fight, to defend, and to shine. 

And so they do.

And so will we. 


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Thank you for sticking with me this year, as we traveled the world together and spoke in all kind of venues and read and watched and listened to so many Yuri…things. Next up, let’s look at some of the best things of the year! Top Ten Lists ahoy!

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