Yuri Drama CD – Kindred Spirits on the Roof, Kyuusei Radio (English)

January 13th, 2017

The fourth Drama CD for Kindred Spirits on the Roof, Kyuusei Radio, (屋上の百合霊さんドラマCD「九星ラジオ」) is both charming and vexing in turn, which only serves to highlight the feeling of visiting with old friends that one inevitably gets with post-series media.

It’s been a few years since Yuna met and spoke with two ghosts on the school roof. She and her classmates have all graduated and moved on with their lives. Most of them attend college, including Umi, Sasa and Nena, the broadcasting trio. The three are still friends and, one autumn weekend, team up with the local shopping area to do a special Kyuusei Radio broadcast, highlighting local shops, sales and events. 

In between segments, we learn that Umi, Sasa and Nena are planning a trip to Hawaii and that Nena’s kouhai wants to come. It’s pretty clear that they all think her admiration for Nena crosses a line, but Sasa reminds Umi and, more importantly, us, they just may never become a couple.

The bulk of the drama CD is banter between the three, much of in just as annoying as you might expect with old friends whose jokes you’re not in on. ^_^; But the broadcast is rather sweet and I could easily imagine strolling down a local shotengai visiting the tea store and bakery at their suggestion.

We do get a quick visit with Yuna, at the end, and Ano, Aki and Youka are mentioned, but do not appear. However, someone else does….and, at last, I am vindicated.

This download includes a second disk’s worth of content. Not only do you get an enjoyable hour-long Drama CD, you get the soundtrack  for the series, narrated by none other than…Sachi and Megumi, the ghosts of Shirojo. You may remember that, at the end of my review of the Kindred Spirits VN, I said, “There is a final thing that surprised the heck out of me, but as it’s a huge spoiler, I’ll skip it. Let’s just say that I was surprised again by the end – not what it did, but what it didn’t. Ask me in 6 months when everyone’s had a chance to get through this.” As it’s been a year now, I can spoil this without too much concern.

The final climax (har-har) of the game is Sachi and Megumi finally leaving this mortal plane. I was convinced that, by the end of the game, they would return. I was actually surprised that they didn’t. But here, at the veryyyyyyy final piece of the series, they return. Hah. I knew it. ^_^


Characters – 9 Above all things, extremely realistic.
Story – 8 Pleasant.
Yuri – 5 If you didn’t know Sasa and  Umi were a couple, you might be forgiven for not realizing until they mention it.

Overall – 8

As with all the other CDs, the story is cute, the time spent with characters is entertaining and Nena’s snark is still extremely high-level.


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