Yuri Manga: 2DK, G Pen, Mezamashidokei, Volume 3 (2DK、Gペン、目覚まし時計。)

January 16th, 2017

Ohsawa Yayoi’s adult-life 2DK, G Pen, Mezamashidokei, Volume 3 (2DK、Gペン、目覚まし時計。) is a bit of an interesting conundrum. Volume 1 was more slice-of-life than Yuri in which we met career woman Nanami and her roommate Kaede, a struggling manga artist In Volume 2, we see a little bit more of their lives, but still, we’re focusing on the life part of their lives, rather than any kind of relationship. This isn’t a complaint – it’s praise. 

The one thing that tires me out the most about Yuri manga is the rapidity with which relationships are seen to be formed. Not so in this manga, where we have spent 2 full volumes fleshing out the lives of  the protagonists. 

Volume 3 continues this trend, with a half volume dedicated not to Kaede’s manga debut, or Nanemi’s trials in the office, but with Kaede’s friendly rival in manga, Koyuki, who hits a massive wall with her artistic output and in her personal life. It is ultimately Kaede who helps her snap out of it.

We then again turn towards Nanami and, finally, we see some recognition that maybe, just maybe, she’s looking at Kaede differently than she was previously. Nanami  is finding herself comfortable for the first time in the role she’s take on in Kaede’s life and her own and for the first time, doesn’t look awkward or like she’s wondering what she’s doing with her life. It’s a good look on her.

Volume 4 is going to be full of drama and revelation, but for now, this character development was meant to be exactly what it is; not driving the romance, just building the characters. At then end of Volume 3, we’re ready for the story to begin. ^_^

The epilogue gives Koyuki a little insight to the kind of care and attention Nanami lavishes on Kaede and she’s torn between being embarrassed and jealous. 


Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 2.5
Service – 4 Koyuki has exceptionally large breasts.

Overall – 8

Volume 4 for the only truly josei Yuri manga running in Comic Yuri Hime? Why, yes, thank you! And it’s gonna get pretty darn interesting, when an old acquaintance becomes a catalyst.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    This is the worst arc. I just don’t like Koyuki. And her “sad past” was meh.

    >And it’s gonna get pretty darn interesting, when an old acquaintance becomes a catalyst.

    Ah, yes. I’ve read that chapter and the next one too. And as happy as I am about the yuri development (finally!) that old yuri trope for the acquaintance’s end game makes me cringe.

  2. I did not like Koyuki’s arc when I read it in the magazine, but found it less bad this time. Her back story was meh, but the current crisis felt much more real. The sub story about her weight was just obnoxious.

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