Yuri Drama CD: Grand Stage Romance Review, Volume 3 (Kazamiya Eru) ( グラン・ステージ ロマンスレビュー 第3幕「風宮絵琉」)

February 2nd, 2017

Squee! Seriously, could  Inoue Marina get any cuter?  ^_^

In Grand Stage Romance Review, Volume 3 (Kazamiya Eru) ( グラン・ステージ ロマンスレビュー 第3幕「風宮絵琉」) the youngest of the Sora-gumi otokoyaku faces a crisis. It’s a good crisis, but…

The song “Hisshou  ~WE CAN FLY~” (飛翔~WE CAN FLY~), sung by all five principals opens the CD. It’s cute and sticky and you can easily imagine them singing it in boy-band style.  I wondered briefly if the lyrics were online, until I literally slapped myself upside the head and pulled out the little booklet with, DUH, the lyrics. I want to share two things about this song with you, both reliant on the quirks of translation and language, but please be assured I say this all with the utmost love and respect. On the CD track, the song was most unfortunately subject to the vagaries of the R/L issue in Japanese-English translation, with the resulting title “飛翔~WE CAN FRY~”. I chuckled, but I swear, not unkindly. The final line  of the lyrics has an interesting reverse quirk. “Hisshou, We Can Fly” and ” Hit Show, We Can Fight” sounded so similar as sung that had I not looked at the lyrics, I would not have known that was that the lyrics included both those lines.  ^_^ 

Eru, you may remember from the first series, is the Sora-gumi’s Peter Pan, youthful and prone to being adorably hyper. When she’s told by Ryoya that the head of the group has called for her to come to the office, she’s a little too green to realize that Ryoya’s teasing. Worried that she’s been cut from the team, she learns that instead, her greatest dream may have come true.

Having been scouted in New York, it has always been Eru’s dream to perform on Broadway and now, an offer to do that very thing has come up! She rushes to reassure us, her partner, that she won’t leave though, until we respond (with implied forcefulness) that she should go after her dream and not worry about us, we’ll be fine. Of course, we’d be more convincing if we weren’t crying when we said that. Eru reluctantly agrees.

We tearfully part. Eru’s crying voice was heartbreaking and you just know that we’re balls of sniffly mush as she heads off to New York to reach for her dream.

As the new track begins, we find Eru has returned. (Is anyone surprised?) But her reason for returning was uniquely Eru-esque. She’s become accustomed to and enjoys performing male roles. In fact, her goal is to achieve a “cool” guy reputation. But once she arrived in New York, she realized that she’d be performing as a woman. (And so the slightly strange cover image is explained at last.) Not that she objected; it just, she realized, wasn’t her. And so she’s back. AND she promises not to leave us again. In execrable English she tells us that she loves our teary face. Squee!

The final spoken track finds both us and Eru in New York (you can tell, because the BGM is saxophones…duh..) and Eru semi-accurately walks us through Times Square and Broadway. (I know for a fact that Ogata Megumi has been to NYC, because that’s where I met her, so she would have been able to regale the writers with stories of what it looked like 15 years ago. It’s changed a lot since.) And we promise to stay together forever.

I think Sakura speaks for us all here.








And the CD finishes with “2 be there” a new image song.


Overall – 9

So, another squeezable Drama CD from the geniuses at  étriere, who clearly just want me to be happy. ^_^

Here is Inoue Marina as Kazamiya Eru singing “2 be there.” I thought it suited her.


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  1. Tiffy says:

    Hi Erica! I was really happy to see your review of Eru’s CD go up today. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. (:

    I really enjoyed her CD; she was pure and energetic and just as loveable as she was on her first CD. And because I’m terribly bias when it comes to all things Ryoya, I really enjoyed seeing how far along their friendship has come. The only thing that was really off-putting to me was just how terribly we treated Eru when she told us about her opportunity and what that meant. The awful things we said to her and how we drove her to tears was just too much for me. I completely understand it was done for the conflict-value of the scenario, and it certainly gives more personality to the listener role, but that particular approach is one that’s never appealed to me. Still, it doesn’t detract from how much I enjoyed the CD; I can appreciate why the scenario writer chose to take it in that direction. And besides, we get to make up with Eru in the end, so everything works out for the best. (And ohmygod yes, Eru’s crying voice destroys me every time.)

    About the lyrics, I love the little creative things they do in the songs. I didn’t pick up on the ‘hissou we can fly’ and ‘hit show we can fight’ until checking the lyrics. And in ‘Yume On Stage’, one of Ryoya’s lines is ‘クールな夜のランデブー’, and the kanji for her given name can be translated to ‘cool night’. That might be a coincidence, but I’d like to think it’s not.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. I’m especially excited for you to listen to both of Kohaku’s and Yui’s CDs now, but for very different reasons. ^^

    • I thought we were necessarily harsh. She was ready to give up her dream for us, which would have been intolerable. ^_^
      I also do not think it’s a coincidence. The creators seem to love their wordplay.

      I’ve got Kohaku on the pile and look forward to it!

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Mara says:

    Thank you for this review Erica. Great fun to read. With this second season we really seem to be getting a different experience with each CD.

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