Queer Manga Lecture at Michigan on Youtube

February 3rd, 2017

With many thanks to the University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, the entirely of my lecture Alt Manga, Queer Manga – Telling Our Own Stories is now available on Youtube for your enjoyment. I hope you’ll watch and comment and now I’m gonna have to go and write something new. ^_^;


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  1. Mariko says:

    I enjoyed watching it (though it was impossible to hear the things the audience said/asked). Kinda funny to hear the story of history you were “part” of – the fan culture that rose up in the late 90’s/early 00’s. I particularly liked the point (which I had largely forgotten) about the way American fans made up their own language to categorize what they were watching. I actually remember that literally happening in the IRC chats and messageboards I frequented. I remember “shounen ai” came first, and I remember thinking of course there *should* be a counterpart, and started using the words “shoujo ai” with my friends to describe what I liked. I even made a website for a business IT class I called “shoujo-ai.com” (which the TA grading me, bless her heart, took seriously and gave real feedback on. XD) I thought “Hey, I should register that domain,” and when I looked it up it had been registered like, a week earlier by someone else.

    Also, now I know why I got weird looks when I was in Japanese used book stores trying to describe what I wanted with that term. :X

    • Yeah, that was why. ^_^ Philip Mak beat you to the punch on that registration. It was Yuricon’s first “official” home and I have a great deal of affection for it, for that reason. ^_^

      • Mariko says:

        I am guessing if you know anyone at Crunchyroll you sent them a correction about the terms for their “Anime Academy” video! XD

        • I’ll be honest, I pay almost no attention to Crunchyroll, except as a source to watch anime. If they had incorrect terminology, I hope someone corrected them. I’m not responsible for fixing the world. ^_^

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