LGBTQ Representation in Anime and Manga on ANNCast

February 10th, 2017

I’ve been writing and talking about LGBTQ themes anime and manga for almost 20 years now and you know what? I never get tired of it. ^_^

Today’s ANNCast, El Gee Bee, you can hear a fabulous, and much too short, conversation about that very thing.

Thanks very much to Zac Bertschy, Jacob Chapman, Valerie Complex, and Jason Thompson for a fantastic and fascinating conversation. I’ll never watch Pokemon the same, thanks Jacob,  (and honestly, I liked La Blue Girl for what it was, but I was admittedly an adult. I liked the live-action even more because it was hilarious.) I was delighted to be able to mention Claudine, Murcielago (coming out this year in English from Yen Press) and Otouto no Otto, coming out this year from Pantheon Books. (I said it was IDW during the recording. My apologies.)


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I’m so honored to be back on the show and I really enjoyed the heck out of this conversation. I hope you all have as much fun with it as I did. Thanks, everyone!

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6 Responses

  1. MJ says:

    It was a really interesting podcast, thank you! I feel a bit like I’m required to watch Utena now, hahaha. I was really excited to hear you mention Shimanami Tasogare, since I’m a big fan of Yuhki Kamatani and I’m always hoping that more of their work will make it over here to the US. Most of their manga is so niche though, so I understand why it doesn’t get licensed. Still, maybe one day? At least there’s lots of good stuff to look forward to this year– I’m definitely picking up My Brother’s Husband!

  2. Mariko says:

    That was a good listen! I don’t think they ever got around to you on the question of what type of representation do you find most problematic, and what do you hear about the most in terms of representation issues?

    (For me, as I’ve probably stated far too many times in various places, it’s the “prestigious all-girls school” basket of tropes and fleeting chaste “love.”)

    A few things I found especially interesting in there:

    – It was an illuminating point that perhaps BL is simply a low-barrier to entry way for some female creators to break into the industry. Sounds similar to the function horror movies have for budding film industry talents.

    – It’s too much of a rabbit hole I think to get caught up in the many and varied ways that hentai material presents awful representation and behavior. Probably best to just acknowledge Rule 34, let the skeeviest niches enjoy their outlet, and focus on what you (in general, not “you, Erica”) like, erotic or not, instead.

    – Somewhat related, I have also been quite surprised at the number of straight fans of yuri or lesbian adult content that do not translate that into sympathy for gay rights or gay people in general. It’s absolutely baffling. Not sure how the mental gymnastics go that allow you to enjoy someone’s fictional relationship but not be able to support the real-life equivalents that people are struggling with.

    Finally, I can never watch Yuri!!! On Ice because it trolls me too hard as a yuri fan with that title. ;_;

    • I spoke briefly about when “predatory” becomes “victimization” and that’s where I draw that line. I don’t mind most tropes, although I do mind when fans (or editors) obsess about those tropes.

      Glad you enjoyed the conversation!

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