Watashi to Kanojo no Otomari Eiga Manga (私と彼女のお泊まり映画)

March 22nd, 2017

Koharu and Mayumi have been friends since high school. They have a standing “date” on Friday nights. Koharu picks a movie and they watch it. And then they talk about it.

Mostly Koharu teases Mayumi for having very little reaction and Mayumi teases Koharu for having a very big reactions. Koharu likes romances and dramas, Mayumi prefers action and horror. 

At the end of every chapter we get a movie review. And that’s basically the entirety of Yasuda Kosuke’s Watashi to Kanojo no Otomari Eiga (私と彼女のお泊まり映画). 

In between movie reviews we do learn a little bit about the two women, and, in the final pages, they have a rather touching moment where they acknowledge that friendship with each other has changed them both for the better.

If you really want to read two manga characters discussing how Mad Max Fury Road, or Inside Out made them feel, then this is the book for you. ^_^


Art – 6 It has moments of not so good
Character – 7 Nice kids, I’d have them over for lunch
Story – 5 We’re literally listening to them talk about movies they just watched.
Yuri – 0 They are friends. They hug. Koharu even sleeps over in what had to be the most refreshingly unsexual sleepover scene I’ve read in ages
Service – 4 You wouldn’t think there could be, but sometimes Mayumi’s breasts are centered for reasons

Overall – 6

You know…I’d probably read another volume. Nothing happened in a refreshingly normal way and it was kind of nice.

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4 Responses

  1. Kushieda says:

    Thanks for the review. Just a small typo I saw that bugged me :

    > In between movie reviews we do learn a little bit about the to woman, and in the final pages

    to woman -> two women

    Overall doesn’t sound like my kind of manga though. As much as I’m a fan of slice-of life, I’m not sure I want to read a manga with movie reviews in it :D

  2. Marfisa says:

    It sounds kind of like a movie-centric equivalent of Fumi Yoshinaga’s “Not Love, But Delicious Foods Makes Me So Happy”–which is basically a bunch of dramatized reviews of Tokyo restaurants, plus some slice of life interaction between the author and whichever friend or friends went to the restaurant du jour with her.

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