Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – April 1, 2017

April 1st, 2017

I’m blowing off YNN this week and going to the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City to say hello to friends and buy comics.

But I had to share a lovely April Fool’s joke that got me right where it counts.

 A Twitter account for the Shosen bookstore ran a promotion for their new Yuri Tower in Akihabara. The picture was pure fantasy. ^_^ I said  it was nice to just imagine it for a moment. Imagine….an entire  building of Yuri. ^_^ 

In actual fact, (not a April Fool’s joke at all,) the Shosen book store has created a “Yuribu” a club for Yuri fans. Gamers store also has a Yuribu and (most importantly to me) the Animate in Ikebukuro is opening a “Yurimate” on the 3rd floor.  Shosen wins on logo design for their club though.

I’ve commented many times that Yuri rarely has a section of it’s own in Japanese bookstores. We may be about to see that change.  The reason I think that it’s important that the Ikebukuro location of Animate has the Yuri section, is that it is the one that is more focused on female customers. The Akihabara location is more focused on male customers (and Gamers tends to be focused on the creepy guy customers and predictably is tagging their Yuri club as “a garden of secret love.” ugh) Toronoana has had a Yuri section since 2014 of one configuration or another. But they may need to step up.

I’m going to have to get back to Japan. Soon. (Bruce, pack your bags…)  If you can get to Ikebukuro for April 15th, please report back! This is important stuff.  I don’t know how long this will last, they change things around all the time, although this is not being billed as a special event, but a dedicated section.  (I’m actually so excited about this,that I waited to check this morning to make sure it was still there on 4/2 in Japan. ^_^)

If a Yuri section becomes standard in JP manga stores now..we’ve won a huge confirmation as a genre. And it only took 17 years. That’s extraordinary. No joke.


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  1. Julia says:

    I’m currently in Tokyo, and will be here until the 21st of April, seeing as the 15th is a Saturday, I won’t have meetings eating up my schedule either. So… Reporting back I guess? :)

  2. JHB says:

    Doubtless there’s a helipad on the roof.

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