ZZZ no Z ~Nemurichan to Oyasumi~ Manga(ZZZのZ~ねむりちゃんとおやすみ~ )

April 13th, 2017

Remember when I recently complained that I have read wayyyy too many “genius who sleeps makes hard-working classmate crazy” manga? As I was reviwing Kore de Wakatte Yo!, I commented that it was awfully similar to the Premise of Anoko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo (A Kiss and White Lilly for My Dearest Girl, which I’m reading in English). Well, so is ZZZ no Z ~Nemurichan to Oyasumi~ (ZZZのZ~ねむりちゃんとおやすみ~ ). So it’s no wonder that I’m a little done with this plot. ^_^;

Fukaine Nemuri (“A deep sleep, eh”) is alway number one in the school results, even though she sleeps through class all the time. Hard-working and hyper Okita Soyoko (“That girl’s awake”), is driven mad by her classmate’s apparent sloth and evident genius. What could have been a really annoying gag comedy, actually becomes a kind of sweet friendship between the two.

It even develops into something vaguely amusing when it turns out that the number three position in the school is a guy who accounts himself very pretty, and had fallen for Soyoko, unaware that she is the very same Okita who has pushed him down in the rankings.

Thankfully, as the volume winds down we learn just why Nemuri is so sleepy all the time (aside from being named “A deep sleep, eh”). She is the primary caretaker to 9 younger siblings. Well that would do it.

The art reminded me of Fuurai Shimai, with that same crazy expressions and  overblown reactions to vaguely normalish situations. It wasn’t as bonkers as Fuurai Shimai, but it had a similar feel.


Art – 6 On-purpose messy
Characters – 5 They do develop, just not much and not fast
Story- 5 It’s a sit-com
Service – 2 lots of “girls sleeping”
Yuri- 1 Not really

Overall – 6

For a single volume I could tolerate the hyper-frenetic comedy of the story.  If there is a second volume I will pass. But watching Nemuri and Soyoko start to unconsciously rely on one another wasn’t that bad. I guess it just grew on me. It certainly helped me sleep at night.

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