Yuri Manga: Onedarishitmite (おねだりしてみて)

June 7th, 2017

Tsukiko has been drawingYuri  for a while and for the last few years, she’s been drawing slightly Yuri-esque stories for Birz Comics. Her current hit is Futaribeya, (ふたりべや), which combines Yuri-ish-ness and comic-strip blandness into a pleasant, but non-compelling tale that I reviewed last year. Today we’ll look at her short story collection, Onedarishitemite (おねだりしてみて), which combines Yuri-ish-ness and comic-strip blandness into a pleasant, non-compelling, but entertaining enough read. 

Tsukiko’s characters tend towards being blandly pleasant; the emotions, when they are made overt are like or love and attraction. There’s almost no reason to worry, because in a Tsukiko story, there will be a girl who likes another girl who likes her back.

The one standout story in Onedarishitmite is the title story, in which a young woman thinks her neighbor is having loud sex all the time, but it turns out she’s just doing amateur voice-overs for adult Drama CDs. They become friends and, maybe, eventually, something more, but not yet.

The most memorable thing about the collection are the story titles, presented in both Japanese and English. These are tantalizing: “Why don’t you ask?” “I became what most witches want to become” and the winner of best recipe as a title, “Bean-starch vermicelli salad with bamboo shots and scallop with a hint of yuzu citrus pepper.” 


Art – 6 
Story – 5
Characters – 4
Service – 1 
Yuri – 5 

Overall – 6

This collection is not memorable, but it was also pleasant enough while reading it.  


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