Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – July 15, 2017

July 15th, 2017

Yuri Manga

It is always a good day on Okazu when I can announce another new collection by Takemiya Jin-sensei. And, as she’s a monster workaholic, today is a very good day. ^_^ Mabushisa no Mukou Soku (まぶしさの向こう側), will be out this week, with collected shorts from Comic Yuri Hime

Also from Comic Yuri Hime, the first collected volume of Watashi no Yuri ha Oshigoto Desu!  (私の百合はお仕事です! ) hits shelves next month. Along with being behind reading the magazine, I will get to add that I’m also behind on adding the manga to the Yuricon Store, yay! (;_;) I’ll do my best to keep up, I promise!

ANN Reports that the Sakura Trick manga will end with the October issue of Mangatime Kirara Miracle magazine.

Volume 2 of After Hours (アフターアワーズ) will be hitting shelves this week in Japan, and to celebrate, Comic Natalie reports that they are doing an open call for illustrations. The application ticket will be attached to the book’s obi at retail outlets. Look for Volume 2 in English later this year from Viz.


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Via YNN Correspondent and fellow Uranus/Neptune fan Maria S, please enjoy this video by and of Pamela Calvo singing both parts of a Spanish-language version of Eternal Eternity! It’s really quite wonderful and I grinned through the whole thing. :-D

I’ve been binge re-watching Steven Universe again, because it heals the holes the daily news burns in my soul. It’s a bit old, but I discovered that in 2016, there was a Steven Universe musical panel at San Diego Comic Con and I spent a full couple of hours watching and rewatching live performances from it. I want to share this one with you especially. It’s not just that it’s a hoot to hear the voice actors singing, but this one was remixed with images of the audience singing along and clips of animation. I’m going to be really honest, when Pearl sings, “We were amazed to find your beauty and your worth. We will protect your earth…and we will protect you” and I see all those lovely otaku, I get really weepy and angry at the shitty situation we’re in right now. If we don’t protect this Earth, Pearl won’t be there to do it and I want these happy otaku to have a safe and beautiful home.  It made me start calling my Congressmen again. It sucks, but it’s up to us. Call, write, fax, whatever, however, but get out there and contact your congresspeople.

Anyway, here is the live version of We Are the Crystal Gems, Full Version, from SDCC 2016. (And check out Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) and Zach Callison (Steven) videoing it it on their phones. ^_^ 


LGBTQ Comics

WOOHOO! The folks who brought us Power & Magic, now announce IMMORTAL SOULS (The Next Queer Witch Comics Anthology)! You’ve still got time on this Kickstarter, but don’t miss your chance to back this book if you can.

Lesbian website Gachirezu (gachirezu in Japanese is similar to flesbian in English, like not”real” lesbian. It’s meant as a joke, kind like Okazu is) now has a page for serialized lesbian webcomics in Japanese with links to their artists on Twitter.

Via Senior YNN Correspondent Louis P, comes this great link on Comicosity, 40 LGBTQ Webcomics to Know and Love.

From Funari on Twitter, we have Raison d’Etre,  a “self-discovery fantasy-ish comic with queer characters.” 

Last week Prism Comics held the very first ever Prism Comics Awards at the Queer Comic Expo. Thanks to Rob McMonigal for covering this on his blog Panel Patter.

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